My Boy and His Blanket

My kids have all been blanket babies. At some point during their infancy, they latch on to a particular blanket and don’t want to ever let it go. My oldest, 18, still sleeps with his blanket. He only took it to kindergarten the first couple of days, and then he decided it was just too big (it was a crib blanket). My daughter, 15, only wanted her blanket until she was about 3. Then she just became a little busy for it, and other than still loving to sleep with a blanket, she doesn’t need the blanket. My next kiddo, 11, never really attached to a specific blanket, but I think part of that is because his dad and I divorced when he was 4, so he was bouncing back and forth every two weeks for visits. Instead, he just has to have a soft blanket to sleep with. I’ve been told my step son loved his Winnie the Pooh blanket quite a bit. Now my youngest…well he’s a whole new level.

My little guy REALLY loves his blanket. He’s literally had this blanket since the day he was born. It’s a light blue Buffalo Bills little blanket (I know you’re shocked right?!). I should add that all of my older kids either tolerated a pacifier or never needed it. My youngest, however, is a thumb sucker. I blame his pediatrician. No really. He’s the one that stuck my little guy’s thumb in his mouth at his 1 week appointment, and he’s had that thumb there ever since. It’s going to be so awful getting him to stop too…and YES, I KNOW he’s ruining the shape of his mouth. Anyway, you can be guaranteed that if my youngest son is resting, stressed, crying, in trouble, playing outside, going anywhere in the car, sleeping…ok pretty much every second, he has this little blanket with him.

We even tried to be smart and bought 3 of them when he was born. You know for loss, destruction, or when one needs to be washed. That idea never worked. He KNOWS when he doesn’t have HIS blanket, so we gave one away, and kept the other one. This year he started pre-Kindergarten. His teacher has somehow gotten him to put his blanket in his backpack when he arrives and keep it there until the end of the day when they have their “rest time”. Apparently, he doesn’t suck his thumb too much at school since they keep so busy too. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll help break the habit. To be honest, I’m not really worried about it. He’s a smart, healthy, funny little boy, and if his blanket and thumb sucking keep him happy, then so be it.