An Inflatable Race

Ok I’ve licked my wounds and I’m moving on. I’ve decided to find as many online courses as I can that could relate to the job I want, and I’m just going to work hard to be a better candidate next round. ANYWAY…

My daughter and I “ran” a very unique race last weekend. You can find details about this type of race here. We just got the pictures in last night so I can share how it went. šŸ™‚

Before the race, it was flat out cold for us. I’m pretty sure it was in the upper 40’s. We got there ridiculously early, checked in, put our race bibs on, and then headed straight back to the carĀ to stay warm. About 30 minutes before our heat was to start, we got out and stretched and found our corral. The first heat of the day was the “PR” heat, so they basically did the first obstacle a couple of times for pictures and promo videos, and then they cleared out so that we could start. Right from the get-go, I knew this was going to be a bit more of a challenge than I had anticipated. The first obstacle was a climb up what looked like stairs and then slide down the other side. Basically, I just didn’t want to land like this:


Being the first racing group was interesting for sure. The morning dew still covered all of the obstacles, and anything to slide on was very slick. Now my daughter is not a runner by any means, and she has an ankle with an attitude sometimes, so we jogged between the first couple of obstacles, decided that wouldn’t work for her, so we walked between obstacles the rest of the way.

The most ridiculously hard obstacle required us to walk up a very steep and tall hill, slide down the other side, and repeat 2 more times. My legs were jelly for a while after that one. By far, the most hilarious obstacle came around #3 or #4. If you’ve ever seen the game show “Wipeout”, you’ll understand. It was a short little climb up and then through a few blowup obstacle thingies and then 4. Big. Balls. Ideally, one would lightly skip from ball to ball until the end and gracefully dismount. I watched my daughter proceed to do exactly that. She made it look so easy. Well, I figured if my 15 year old somewhat of a clutz daughter can do it, SURELY I can do it too. I got to the first ball and thought, “That wasn’t so bad”. Lightly skipping to the 2nd and 3rd balls, I got very confident. Too much so. I hit that 4th ball and immediately thought, “Oh crap…and there’s the photographer…and I’m going to make an epic picture right here because I have absolutely zero control over the direction my body is going”. Somewhere between the moment my first foot hit the side…not the top…of the ball and my body landing on my head/shoulder, I realized I was still having fun. I could hear the people behind me reacting with a very loud and vocal “Ohhhhhhhhh”. And no I didn’t hit the woman in the picture…she was a good 20 feet away, but the caption could be HILARIOUS for this picture.


But as you can see (taken right before I went inverted), I was still cracking up. And apparently I cracked up the photographer too. Go me. Even with my amazing grace, poise, and athletic prowess (you can stop laughing now LOL), it was my downright insane ability to laugh at myself that made the day super fun. I was able to spend an hour laughing, talking, and hanging out with my daughter. That’s pretty much priceless (which is a good thing since this race was like $50 each to do). I would definitely do it again, and next time, my husband should run it with me too.


Next race: this Sunday where once again the weather will be in the 40’s, but at least I’m doing the 5K and not the Half Marathon. šŸ˜‰

The verdict is in

Well I got the results of the selection board. I had to dig through my text messaging history (Thank God I don’t delete anything) to find the number of the lieutenant that assisted me when my recruiter was gone on a cruise this past summer. He is the one who finally told me the results…not my recruiter who is apparently MIA…at least to me.

I did not get selected. Out of all of the people sent up from my recruiting station, only 2 were chosen. I have to say that I’ve done a pretty good job of staying realistic about the whole thing. I’ve kept my expectations low and tried not to get my hopes up. It still sucks. It is still incredibly disappointing. I still had hopes. But I guess I knew when my recruiter didn’t return my email and my phone message went unanswered it wasn’t good news.


The lieutenant tells me I will need more interviews and if I can get more letters of recommendation that would be good. Also, if I finish a degree or earn a certificate that would help too. I have a freakin’ doctorate degree, so I’m not going back to school. I know that’s just what everyone is told who is going to reapply, so it is what it is. I look forward to the interviews because I like interviewing, and I feel like there’s more I could say or I could have said it better. I don’t know. At least I don’t have to physically requalify because that is good for a year, and the next board meets in August…unless they cancel it…like they did last year.

So ok God…what’s the plan now? I got passed over for a promotion at work, and I thought it was because this would take up too much time to be in charge. Wrong. At least I can make summer plans now. And not weigh myself every day. Right now…that’s all the silver lining I can find. But at least I know.


Upcoming race with my daughter

By the way…I’m STILL Waiting. I feel like this is never going to end. It’s almost the way I felt with every single pregnancy. Like I know there is an end because there just is, but at the same time, my damn phone is just not going to ring and I’m never going to find out if I got in or not. I am at a loss, and there is nothing I can do. At least work was busy for the past few days, but now I’m all caught up on projects and the rest of this week’s calendar is free and clear. Yuck!

One thing I can look forward to is my race on Saturday. My 15 year old daughter is going to be “running” a “race” with me for the first time. That’s all in quotes because this is not any ordinary race at all. We are running an Insane Inflatable 5K! You should find one in your area and do it!


Inflatable 5K

I totally love those blowup obstacle course things! When I was a junior class sponsor at a local high school, we always hosted the Homecoming carnival and had one. I would always run through it like a little kid. Now, I get do 3.1 miles of them AND I get to do it with my daughter. That’s a win win in my book.

My daughter is a pretty special kid to me (ok all of my kids are, but she is my only girl). She is my rainbow baby. A rainbow baby is a child born after a miscarriage. I had a healthy little boy at home and then miscarried my 2nd pregnancy at 11 weeks. Almost a year to the day later, my daughter came along. She looks a lot like me, and for better or worse, she acts a lot like me. I’m really excited to see what she does with her life too. She has gone back and forth between wanting to be an elementary teacher to a pediatric orthopedist. No matter what, she will be working with little kids she says.


She and I have always been close. I coached her in pop warner and all-star cheerleading from the age of 5 to 14. She sings in her school choir, and she sings in our church choir with me too. She’s also faced adversity in her life. Besides dealing with her parents divorcing when she was in late elementary school, she has an eye condition that is incurable. She suffers from Pars Planitis with Macular Edema. It’s almost like the white of her eye grows over the colored part of her eye with swelling and it impacts her vision. She has had multiple shots in her eyes and lots of drops. She currently is in remission, but this condition is like arthritis. It comes and goes with no real rhyme or reason. The result of this is that she pretty much hates all doctors. Can’t blame her I guess.

The biggest difference between me and her at her age all centers around boys. I was totally boy crazy at 15. Heck I officially lost my v-card a week before my 16th birthday (not super proud of that). And while my daughter definitely has a crush, she hasn’t had a boyfriend yet. She’s very wrapped up in choir, her classes at school, and she has a small group of girls that she hangs out with too. She’s a little bit shy too. I’m so glad she’s not like me for this. I hope she takes her time and is very picky about the guy she chooses to let into her life. I hope she makes better choices than I did at her age and she really listens to her heart and to God’s plan for her life. I’m no absolutely no hurry at all for her to meet a guy and be a girlfriend. No thanks. I’m pretty sure she can wait until she’s 25 to date. At least.


It’s going to be interesting doing this race with her though. I’m pretty sure she hasn’t run at all since 6th grade when she was in a running club, but then again, I’ve been slacking here too. It’s hard to be motivated right now. I will be sure to update everyone on how this race goes. I have a feeling there are going to be some pretty hilarious moments, and I can’t wait to share.

Double or nothing right?

Yep I’m still waiting.


Apparently 20 wasn’t lucky enough. Maybe 22 will be??? I get that the military is always hurry up and wait. I also get that my recruiter told me it could take up to 2 weeks (see that blasted 2 again?!). BUT she also said it doesn’t “normally” take that long.

So here we are at the end of week 1. Every time my phone rings, my heart takes off and my stomach flips out…until I see who is, or rather, who isn’t calling. And apparently I do a lot of sighing. My poor husband. He is so in tune to me, and usually sighing is not a good thing at all so he’s usually fixing whatever is bothering me. Except this time, there isn’t a freakin’ thing he can do. Not. a. thing. Poor guy.

This weekend it’s going to be downright chilly around here, and of course, I can’t just curl up with a book under a blanket and stay home. Nope. I have a conference basically all morning tomorrow, I’m leading church worship for the 2nd service on Sunday, and I’m picking up 2 of my kids from their dad’s house. Here’s hoping if I don’t find out anything today, that the weekend goes by quickly!


2 Is My Lucky Number

Still waiting. I have no idea when I will get the call. But I realized today is January 20th… and it’s the 2nd day since the selection board met…and 2 is my lucky number.


I said that to someone at work this morning, and they were like, “What exactly makes 2 your lucky number”? Valid question. The short answer is that it just is. LOL! I’ve worn #2 on every uniform I’ve worn since junior high school. My volleyball, softball, and even intramurals shirts/jerseys were all #2 through college. Even as adult, I would wear either 2 or 22 depending on the league and availability of numbers.

A lot of really great things tend to happen to me on days that have a 2 in them or are divisible by 2 (yes I know that might be stretching). On the flip side, a lot of not so great things happen on odd numbered days. For example, I got married to my amazing 2nd husband on theĀ 12th. Our little guy was born on theĀ 10th. My birthday is theĀ 20th. YAY for #2! Ā On the flip side, I got married the first time on the 29th and that ended in a divorce on theĀ 9th. I know it isn’t exact science (since 2 of my children were born on the 3rd and theĀ 15th…and they are both good things!), but I suppose that’s what makes it a superstition. There isn’t anything exact about it. It’s more of a feeling.


At this point, I may be just being silly, but whatever it takes to get me through a day without having my heart race off or trying to anticipate my reaction to either good or bad news, I will take it. My husband, God bless him, is doing whatever he can to stay positive and keep me distracted. I even get to make a cake for his department this weekend, so that’ll be fun (oh PLEASE let me know before this weekend!). Everyone that I’ve involved in this process in some form or fashion isĀ anxiously awaiting the results as well. Of course, they all say it’s going to obviously turn out that I’m selected…otherwise they probably wouldn’t be a friend amiright?

I want so much to believe with them. But I can’t. I can’t get my hopes and expectations up at all. The devastation if I don’t get selected would be too hard. Instead, I know that it can literally come down to the most basic of things that could keep me out. I completely understand it too. It’s like, if I’m hiring a new teacher, and I get the most amazing and talented and perfect teacher apply, but I need a Math teacher and he’s only certified in Science…it is what it is. If the Navy Reserves only has slots open for people with prior military experience, I don’t have that. It is what it is. If they need someone with a math or science degree, I don’t have that. It is what it is.


That doesn’t make the waiting or the acceptance any easier, but I know I’ve done the very best that I can. I have absolutely zero regrets in attempting to serve my country. I have worked hard my entire life to perform well in college at all levels, stay out of any trouble (I may have had a couple minorĀ speeding tickets about 7 years ago, but that’s it), and live a good life. I’ve always been a healthy person, and getting back into running not only helped me to lose the weight I needed to, but it also reminded me of how much I enjoy running.

For now, I continue to wait and hold onto this dream. By the way, that whole waiting thing…well…



Today is the day

All of my efforts in running, weight loss, paperwork, interviews, and prayers come down to today. You see today is the day the Navy Reserves selection board meets. Today they determine who gets in and who doesn’t. It’s pretty much a 99% promise that I won’t know today, but they will. Someone out there will know if I’m in or not.


I had been doing pretty good at not letting this whole thing consume me. I stayed very very busy during the holidays and even just after. The first week back to work was busy and last week grades were due, so there was a lot to keep me distracted there. It’s gone downhill quickly. Saturday I had 3-4 moments of just sheer anxiety. We had taken our youngest to the zoo, which he loved actually, and then did a little shopping. I was fine until we got home, and then it just felt like my heart was racing and I needed to go do something. So I got this project done:


It looks good right?! These are all of the running medals that my husband (top bar) and I (lower bar) have earned thus far. Not bad for running my very first race back in October! I will have one more to add to mine in a couple of weeks when I run a 5K with my daughter…sort of (more 0n that later). I think it turned out pretty well, and once again I have to thank Pinterest for the idea.

Sunday we went to church, and because I sang the week before, I had quite a few people coming up and talking to me about that song. The conversation kept me busy both right before and right after church, and then we did our grocery shopping and headed home. We watched, “The Intern”, which was a good movie and lead to an even better conversation after. Once my husband went to bed around 9:00 or so, I stayed up until about 11. I found a blog written by a Navy junior officer, and the next thing I knew, it was 11. And now…now I’m waiting.


I don’t do waiting very well. Or patience. Wait, isn’t that same thing? Yeah, it is. Got it. So, I pretty much suck at that. I forced myself to stay in bed until 9 this morning since I don’t have to work today. After I finish this post, I will be sweeping and mopping the entire house (we have virtually all tile). After that, I have no idea. It’s pretty cold today even with the sun shining, so we will see. What I do know is that my phone will either be in my pocket or in my hand and my ringer is turned up. That’s going to be the situation until I get the call. Regardless of how that call goes (I’m in, I’m on the waitlist, or I’m not in), I know my heart is going to be pounding when I see my recruiter’s number pop up on the screen.

This is the first time in a very long time that there is absolutely NOTHING I can do to affect the decision. Someone else is looking at a bunch of papers with my name on them and making decisions about me and about the next chapter of my life. I can’t call in a favor, know someone who knows someone, or be anything except who I am and wait. At the end of the day, I know that God is in control. He is going to make this whole thing turn out exactly as He wants it to. I know that His plan is much better than mine. And I know that I’m going to be going nuts inside until I find out the decision. My mantra until then, “God’s got this, cuz I sure don’t”.

Clearly I have a Problem

To say I am an avid reader would be a huge understatement. I LOVE to read, and I read really fast.


When I was in probably 4th grade or so, my family and I went to this reading conference…ok I don’t exactly know what it was. It was in the ballroom of a hotel, and the people were trying to sell this product that helped you to increase your reading speeds and comprehension levels. Anyway, I was picked out of the crowd along with 5-6 other kids to demo this product for the audience. I was the youngest one. I ended up reading faster than all of the other kids and still maintained my high comprehension level. It’s a gift.

I probably read 150 books a year, and that might be a conservative estimate. When I was getting my doctorate degree, I had to slow a LOT, but after graduation, I was craving relaxing reading. I’ve talked about cutting down on the number of actual books I own, which is great. My iBooks app library currently has over 200 books in it, and I’ve read all but 3. I am a part of the group, and I download a new book for FREE probably 4-5 days a week. The best part about that is I can designate what kind of books I want, and that is all they send me to pick from.


My favorite genre is Christian Fiction. I especially love anything set in the 1800-early 1900’s (preferably out west), Amish themed, or current day as long as it doesn’t involve vampires or aliens. I also really like historical fiction. I do not enjoy science fiction at all. I have slowly picked my through most of the classics, and sometimes I surprise myself when I really enjoy something I put off forever (ex: Grapes of Wrath).

Anyway, I definitely read more books on my iPad than I do holding an actual book; sad but true. Just the cost alone makes that a reality. Well I got an actual book for Christmas…2 to be honest. I already read “War Room”, which was really good and better than the movie IMO. Now I’m reading “Undetected”, which is about a Navy submariner and a researcher.

So what is my problem you ask? Ok last night I was sitting on the couch reading said actual real-life book, and I was wondering what time it was. Now instead of looking at my watch, my phone, or the friggin clock above the TV…yep, I looked at the top of the page. Unlike my beloved iPad, that book didn’t have a convenient little clock. Nor does it tell me how many pages I have left in a chapter…another funny moment yesterday! Clearly, I have not had an actual book in my hands in WAY too long.


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Decluttering, Organizing, and Forging Ahead

It seems with every year beginning (or season changing or major stress), I get into a mode of deep cleaning, organizing, and decluttering. Some of it I just can’t avoid…like when my sister gives me a couple of HUGE bags of clothes for our youngest, so I HAVE to clean out his dresser (and buy an underbed storage container) to get everything put away. Other things just become a compulsion. I’d also like to blame Pinterest. HA!


It all started at home during my break. Every day after Christmas I tackled another project. I straightened one of our Thomas Kinkade paintings that has been off level for over a year. I cleaned out and organized the area under my sink (Holy crap that was a mess!). I reorganized the cabinet that holds 99% of our tupperware-type containers and lids. I did donate 2 full bags of size 2T-3T boys clothes to two of my co-workers after receiving 2 bags of 4T-5T clothes from my sister. I finished tiling the backsplash in our guest bathroom. I hung the tie back rods for the curtains in the kitchen. I cleaned out and reorganized my side of our walk-in closet. This project included an idea I found on Pinterest; using shower curtain hooks to hang my purses. And it worked!!! I LOVE it. Yes I know I’m going to need to take pictures and update this post. I’m on it. Meanwhile, this is the idea from Pinterest:


I also power washed the back patio, bought 3 baskets to get all of my shoes organized in said closet, and reorganized my curio cabinet. When I came back to work yesterday, the mode continued. I cleaned off a bunch of nonsense from my filing cabinet, got rid of a full trash can of unnecessary papers, folders, and notes, and then got to work in the rest of the office. I managed to scale down and get rid of 3 boxes of junk that had been lying around the office for at least 2 months. Wahooo!

I’m just one of those people that can’t work in messy or dirty environments like I can when everything has it’s place. That’s not to say that my office or desk area isn’t a mess at times, but at the end of every day, I take the time to organize it before I leave because coming in to a disaster is stressful. The same thing happens at home. There’s something comforting about cleaning stuff out. My husband probably will be rolling on the floor with laughter at that, because I’m also somewhat of a packrat. I tend to hang on to things for a while, and then I go on a massive purge fest. Example: I LOVE to read. I had two entire bookshelves full of books at one time. With each move, I did manage to pear down some of them. Over break, I donated a big box to our church library and another huge box to our local public library. I am now down to just a couple of shelves of books. I have been known to throw a fit in the past about getting rid of books, but then some wild hair crawls in and I end up getting rid of a lot. I can’t explain it.


If you’re someone who does NOT enjoy purging or organizing, here are a few tips that work for me:

  1. Start small. Pick just one project or area to do. Example, I know my under the sink area in my bathroom was a wreck. (Really wishing for before and after pictures now). But, it was also pretty overwhelming because of so much stuff. That’s why I knew I would only do that project in one day.
  2. Sort first. I pulled everything out from under the sink and sorted it all into piles: Keep, Trash, Donate. Then I sorted the Keep pile into categories: Medicine, Soaps/Hygene, Hair stuff.
  3. Containers go a LONG way. I have a small box, 2 baskets, and a soft sided bag to store everything in this area. I didn’t have to purchase anything new because I already had these either here or in other areas. Once I got things put into containers it was SO much easier to put away.
  4. Don’t be afraid to purge. I had lipgloss that was 3 years old. I’m never going to wear it. Same thing for that really awesome lotion that was given to me 2-3 Christmases ago. Trash it.
  5. Admire your work. When you’re all done, sit back and admire that bad boy. You did it!


Once you get one job done, it’s easier to forge ahead to the next one. Next up for me: sorting through all of the t-shirts I have. I just have way too many, and I don’t wear a lot of them. What’s next on your organizing to-do list?

2015 is OUTTA here!

This has been one heck of an interesting year to say the least. I knew it would have some great highlights, but I had no idea it would go in the direction it did.Ā This is what I wasĀ hoping for in 2015, let’s see how I did:

* pay off more debt CHECK and DOUBLE CHECK. We did great with this one!

* find an online adjunct teaching position Nope, nada, zilch. I’ve applied for every opening I can find.

* attend graduation in April That was awesome!! We made it a family vacation trip and got to see family in Colorado too. This was a true highlight of my year.

* get promoted to principal Booooooooooooo! Nope. I was passed over for this one. But…it might be ok after all.

* read more novels Well this one was a gimme. I should really keep track of how many I read in a year, but I would guess it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-100.

* lose some weight Man did I conquer this one. I lost 27 pounds this year!

* work on the outside of our house (fence, landscaping, pool ?) Well the fence is in, the landscaping is better, and the pool is still in a work in progress. That’s like a half a point for this one.

* protect our marriage and keep it strong I think our marriage is just as strong as ever. We certainly have our challenges, but who doesn’t. No major hits to our marriage this year, and I’d like for that to continue please.

* get a motorcycle CHECK! We bought our motorcycle in Feb/March of this year, and even though we haven’t been able to ride it as much as we’d like, it has been a perfect investment for us.

* continue good health for my family All is well in this department. No massive catastrophes to anyone’s health, and other than pre-K being not very kind to our youngest with constant colds, all is well.

For those of you keeping score that’s 7.5 out of 10. Not bad! In addition, my oldest graduated from high school, I am trying to commission into the Navy Reserves and started that process this year, my husband got moved back to a day shift, and I won another international award for my online course building. 2015 was pretty darn good to me and to our family.

What’s in store for 2016?? Well, here are my goals:

*get selected to commission into the Navy

*watch my stepson graduate and enlist in the military

*my daughter become dual enrolled and begin earning her college degree and her high school diploma simultaneously

*get that pool

*stay out of major credit card debt

*pay down the motorcycle

*pray deliberately for my husband/marriage/family daily and seek God’s will not mine

*maintain my weight and fitness

*run a half marathon

*take a vacation with just my husband

If all of this gets accomplished, I would say 2016 will be just as good if not better than 2015. What are your goals for this year?

The break is on!

As of today at 3:00pm, I will be officially on Winter Break! I haven’t had any time off since April, and believe me, I am looking forward to a couple of weeks off. I’m pretty sure every student, teacher, and principal around me has already checked out and is just counting down the minutes to the last bell today.

My littlest guy is having his holiday party, and my dad (who is a professional Santa) is going to be stopping by this morning to deliver presents and listen to the wishes of all of the students. Watching all of their little faces light up is always such a treat, and I’m glad I get to be a part of it this year with his class.

Overall, I’m just having a hard time getting into the whole Christmas spirit. Where I’m at, the weather has been freakishly warm for December, my stepson arrived back from his visit with his mom with some usual shenanigans, the transition to a day shift has been hard on my husband’s sleep schedule so that has resulted in fewer hours together and more conversation through phone and text…plus he’s trying to finish the renovation of his parents’ guest bathroom before Christmas, and I’ve been just running from concert to concert to work thing to party. I’m hoping that after today things will start to feel more Christmasy. It’s supposed to cool off a bit this weekend, I get to do some baking on Monday with my mom, and of course, Christmas is in 7 days.

Oh and I am down to 30 days left. 30 days until I find out if I got in. 30 long days that I should probably be running a mile and half at least 5 days a week. Hmmm….