Wedding, Tball, and Spring Break

That pretty much sums up the past month or so. My sister got married on March 4th, and it was really nice. She got married at a golf course, and the reception was in the clubhouse. Other than a little bit of drama thanks to one bridesmaid and my youngest sister, everything went very well. Her new husband’s aunt made all the desserts for the wedding including a cupcake tower.


My youngest kiddo’s t-ball season has gotten started again. I think this year he understands the game a bit more, he can pay attention better (instead of just playing in the dirt), and he knows more of his teammates. He has a really great coach that is actually the husband of a fellow school district administrator. In fact, his team is made up of quite a few school employee’s kids. His season runs until the end of April, so it isn’t long and drawn out and can keep a group of 4-6 year olds interested to the end.

This week we are on Spring Break. I am a 12-month employee, so I don’t get spring break. I get to work 10 hour days Monday-Thursday. The only good news is that I get to work from home (except for yesterday when I went into the office). I love working from home and wish I could do it more often.

Other than that stuff, my husband and I built a new loft bed for the aforementioned youngest kiddo, and he loves it! I have to give credit to my husband because he found the picture and (mostly) detailed plans for it on Pinterest. We found the plans were really all that detailed and some key elements were left off, but we figured it out.  I still need to add curtains and a cloth roof, and my husband will be adding a set of lights for the underneath part. I’m still pretty impressed with it, and I LOVE the smell of the wood right now.IMG_0352         IMG_0348

I also made a cake for work for 2 teachers that got married this month.  I met Josh Turner and got his autograph!! And we took the jeep out off-roading for a bit of relaxation and fun. Something we could all use more of for sure.


It looks like April isn’t nearly as busy as January-March has been, so maybe we’ll get a nice break in the action. LOL

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