Why so many good-byes?


In my last post I wrote about my ex father-in-law passing away on January 1st. He was a wonderful man who loved my kids and always treated me well no matter what was happening within my marriage to his son. Even after we split, I could still keep up with him through my kids. The last conversation I had with him was during his last visit to see my kids. He was happy and looking forward to coming back. Everyone was. He was Grandpa Bill to everyone. Such a funny, kind, adventurous man…he will be missed. His funeral is this weekend.

This morning, my husband left to be with his aunt Nancy. She has stage 4 cancer that started in her lungs but spread throughout her body. She was diagnosed in early December and was given 6 months. On Dec. 26, she was given 2 weeks. Today, they are taking her off of oxygen and making her comfortable. It sucks to be single-parenting it for 5-6 days, but I’m so glad my husband gets to be with her. We were at her house from Dec. 26-Dec. 31, but we had to get home to get my kids. Then we all went back to school/work on January 4th, but my husband still has a little bit of time left on his vacation. It’s not exactly what he thought he’d be doing during this vacation. If you’re a praying person, this family could use it. Her 5 children aren’t exactly taking it well, and there is division among the ranks so to speak (to put it mildly). Her husband is putting on a brave front but will be a wreck when she’s gone. Uncle Neil and Aunt Nancy are just really good people as my grandma would say. This one will be tough too.

Speaking of my grandma, she is currently at a hospice center. Ever since my grandpa passed away last year, she has struggled but seemed to be doing better. Recently her Alzheimer’s has ratcheted up and then she started to swell for no known reason. She has been admitted to give the doctors a chance to play with her medicines in hope of finding an answer. While she hasn’t been put on her death-bed or given notice, sometimes it still feels that way.

That’s a lot of loss for one family. So far I’ve been able to compartmentalize, take one day at a time, take care of others (which helps me a lot!), and stay busy. I also know that God is in control, and my faith has always strengthened me. Because I hadn’t seen Bill for so long, it doesn’t really seem real that’s he’s in heaven. I didn’t get to know Nancy very well, but I know she means a lot to my husband and she’s just an awesome lady. She’s his only link to his real dad (long story there). And my grandma is one sassy woman, and I just won’t believe she is going until she’s gone.

Saying good-bye sucks y’all.

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