Mid-Month Update

I feel like December always goes by so incredibly fast, and this year is certainly no exception. Knowing my blogging is fairly hit or miss on a good month, I figured I should take the time to do an update now while I have the chance to do so. And in the name of keeping it simple, I will do it in bullet format! YAY!

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  • I FINALLY completed all of my Navy interviews!! I am right now awaiting word from my recruiter that my package has been officially submitted, and it should be today or tomorrow. Selection board meets early next month!!!
  • Along the same lines…I finally got confirmation of why I was not selected last year, and let’s just say I DEFINITELY have a MUCH MUCH stronger package this year. I totally understand why I wasn’t chosen last year, and we’ll see what happens this time around. If I ‘m not selected this time, it might be time to reevaluate.
  • Tonight is my Christmas Cantata at church. We are having a live nativity and everything!! Bonus: I get to wear my new dress!
  • We hired a new guy at work, and he has made a pretty darn awesome mascot/logo for us. Super cool since I hate our current logo.
  • My next race (and the first since my marathon) is Sunday. I’m not sure how this little 5K is going to go since I was sick, so no PR goals for this one.
  • Lots more Christmas parties and events to come, so we’re pretty busy.
  • If you are a praying person, I’m asking for prayers for my hubby. He’s really going through a lot right now, and he HATES being the center of attention, so I will just say he is facing some VA stuff, his parents divorcing, an aunt has stage 4 cancer, and the Christmas spirit is having trouble finding him. We know God will carry him through it, but he’s a bit of a HUGE control freak, so it’s difficult.
  • Last but not least, we got a new refrigerator!!!! I LOVE it, and it looks so pretty in our kitchen. The top is the refrigerator, the bottom left is a freezer, and the bottom right quadrant can be a fridge or a freezer!!! 🙂

Image result for samsung black stainless refrigeratorSamsung Flex Black Stainless

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