And it’s October

It’s hard to believe that it’s already October. I feel like I have said that every month since June…good grief! Anywho…let’s look at how I did for the month of September and set some new goals for October.

September goals:

  1. Re-interview for the Navy Reserves and NAIL IT. This still has not happened. Last year, my entire packet was done and submitted by now. I’m worried my recruiter isn’t doing her job. UGH!!!! FAIL
  2. Have a better health screening. My weight was actually only 2 pounds higher and my good cholesterol was AWESOME! SUCCESS
  3. My daughter released from cardiology care. She had her appointment, but has not been released. They redid her echocardiogram and saw something on the left side of her heart. She now has to wear a halter monitor for 24 hours and then go back in a year depending on the results of that test. She’s frustrated to say the least, but he did at least clear her to gradually start sports again and told her she could play flag football. Sort of Fail
  4. Must. Start. Running. Distance.  I DID IT! Last month I ran a total of 33.83 miles. My longest run was 5.1 miles. My pace is averaging around the 11-12 minutes/mile which is about 3 minutes/mile faster than I need to average for the marathon. SUCCESS

So we will call that a 2.5 out of 4. Now on to October!


  1. Run at least 3 times a distance of 10 miles or more. This will help build up my endurance without killing my legs for next month. 8 weeks to go.
  2. Meet my weight goal for this month. I have 4 pounds to go to get where I need/want to be. I’m hoping to make that happen sooner than later.
  3. Clean out my closet. I know this is usually a spring cleaning thing, but recently we ran out of hangers. I keep saying I’m need to go through and get rid of stuff I haven’t worn in forever, but I haven’t done it. This is the month. Maybe.
  4. Remind my husband how much I love him on his birthday. Yeah, yeah, this might be a gimme but those other 3 goals are tough!! I’m looking forward to celebrating him and being together.

Other things going on this month: the Policeman’s Ball, a 5K mid-month, going to an NFL game, and of course…HALLOWEEN!

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