My unintended 4 day weekend

It all started Wednesday with my youngest coming home from school with a 103.4 fever. I knew we were in for it when he woke up the next morning at 3 am with his fever still raging. By 6am, I had the same fever and my throat was killing me. Needless to say Thursday was a sick day for both of us.

Thursday night I still couldn’t get either one of us to break the fever, and sure enough, Friday was another sick day. I don’t typically get sick. I RARELY take a day of from work because I’m sick (vacation/personal/I just don’t want to go to work day? Yes I’ve done that), and I hate taking medicine that makes me all drowsy and stuff. But take that medicine and rest I did because I had a race on Saturday. Priorities people…LOL!

Saturday morning, my dad met me at the starting line to watch my youngest (strollers not being allowed on this course), and I ran a 5K. It was the worst time I’ve had thus far for a 5K, but considering I was totally wiped out from being sick I guess 37:02 isn’t so awful. I did somehow manage to finish 2nd in my age group though. Yeah ok so there were only 4 in my age group, but I still beat 2 of them. 😀 My youngest thought he was going to run the kid’s 1 mile, but as soon as they passed him, he lost his motivation. We made it about 1/4 of a mile and turned around (it was an out and back), and then the kids that went all the way to the 1/2 mile mark started to catch up and pass him again. Well now he was all motivated and jogged a little more to finish. I’m surprised he did it at all since he still wasn’t feeling 100% either. He thought he would be the fastest one out there (he was definitely the youngest)…

and even though he definitely wasn’t the fastest and he didn’t even really run the whole thing…he still got his medal (all the kids got one), so he was all happy.

Sunday I was responsible for leading praise and worship at church since our praise team director was out. It is always such a blessing to me when I get to do this, and I love sharing the power of music with our congregation. After church, I mowed the yard and completely forgot to check my fantasy football team…womp womp WOMP. Last week the app wouldn’t work at all, and I lost miserably. This week the app worked just fine…and I lost miserably. Meh…oh well. Now that all the fevers are broken, this week is off to a healthier start.



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