Who knew?

Who knew one child could make such a large difference in a house? Ok, let’s be real…I did. When my oldest (at the age of 15) decided that he didn’t want to contribute to the house by doing any chores, didn’t want to listen to what anyone had to say, and was blatantly picking fights with everyone…let’s just say you feel the impact of 1 child real quick. He decided to live full-time with his dad, and there was peace back in our house again.

peace ringo starr peace sign peace and love peace and love peace and love

Now don’t get me wrong, I missed and still do miss having my first born around; however, fighting all day every day is exhausting. His dad let him do whatever he wanted, gave him a car (which he later wrecked), and never pushed him to do anything with his life (which is why he is still living at home and has no job, no plans, no car, nothing). But I digress…

I have tried to keep most of the drama surrounding my stepson out of my blog, but the reader’s digest version is that over the past 6 years my husband and I sold every asset we had to pay for attorney fees and went to court 3 times to gain and keep custody of him. He graduated from high school this past May, and he loves to play manipulative mind games with both his mom and his dad. ANYWAY, about 2 weeks ago he was caught vaping. Don’t know what vaping is? Basically, it’s electonic cigarettes that can be flavored…like hooka.

thegoodfilms  vintage cartoon smoke thegoodfilms

Well, after lying to his dad about it and then his dad sending him a text saying he saw him do it, he decided to move to his grandparents’ house. Except the thing is…he never had an actual conversation with either me or his dad. Like at all. He just didn’t come home from work that night and a few days later came and got most of his stuff. He can vape with his grandparents apparently (they are very heavy chain smokers), and I’m pretty sure he has played both sides of this fence also.

The weird part: our house is SO clean!! We don’t go through nearly as many groceries. I can deadbolt the front door when we go to bed and know it is going to stay closed ( I can’t tell you how many times I woke up to the front door being totally open). We don’t have to hide the pool door key (due to said child leaving it unlocked) to keep our youngest (who is barely swimming) safe. Story there: said stepson drowned when he was 18 months old in his grandparents’ pool so my husband is hypervigilant about our pool. The remaining 3 kids at our house each now have their own separate rooms…and NONE of them stink! LOL!!

My oldest moves out and we get peace. The next oldest moves out and we get a clean house with more food. Who knows what will happen when my daughter goes away to college in a year and a half???!!!!

aardman  help confused character idk

Oh and…I ran 2.5 miles yesterday! Score!

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