My first bachelorette weekend

Over the weekend, I went with one of my really good friends and three of her other friends to her bachelorette weekend. Friends, I’m here to confess, that I had never been to a bachelorette party let alone a full weekend. I didn’t know the three other girls going, and I knew I was going to be the oldest in our group also. The bride is 31, so it’s not like I was going with a bunch of early 20 year-olds either. Two of the other three are also married, and the other one is engaged, so I knew a little about them. It was quite the weekend.

Day 1

I picked up the bride who live 2 blocks from my house, and we made our three hour trek to the hotel. It turned into almost 4 hours thanks to traffic and rain, but we got there before the sun went down so we were good. The first night we went out to a small tavern and had dinner before taking an Uber to a nightclub and dancing the night away. I think we got back to the hotel around 3am, and we were all in bed by 4am only to list to the bride’s phone alarm start going off at 6 and every 30 minutes thereafter until 9am. She forgot to turn it off and she slept right through it every time it went off (clearly she needs a new alarm sound).

bill murray punching clock groundhog day alarm

Day 2

After getting up at 9, we had to be downstairs and checked in for our next event, a boat ride, by 10:45. We went to breakfast. I was good, but I’m pretty sure everyone else was feeling strong hangover effects. After breakfast, we traveled down to the boat dock and got all checked in. Our boat loaded at 11:15, and we did a good job of enjoying ourselves for that 2 hour ride. There was a bartender who made sure we sampled plenty of drinks (not hard since we were the only fun group mixed in with two small families and a couple), and we liked listening to music and taking in the sites. When we got back, two of the other girls and I took a nap. I was feeling pretty intoxicated, and I knew it was going to be a long night. The bride and another girl went to the pool and kept drinking while we napped.

Looking back, we should have gotten something to eat instead of sleeping, but we had no idea what was in store. After the nap, we got ready for our evening. We got our Uber all set up and headed out for the male revue. I had never been to one of these either, so I fgured I was in for a real treat…and I was. It was great. There were 4 guys, and 3 of them were drop dead gorgeous. Best of all, they were nice respectful men with hot bodies that could move and entertain without being just trashy. About halfway through the show, one of our girls lost it. She was the one who went to the pool with the bride. She had kept drinking the entire day without eating and she was absolutely hammered. I have no idea why she got mad, but she left our table and went to the bar…where she ran up a big tab and had her card declined. She also yelled at the bartender, pounded her fist on the bar, put a chokehold on another girl in our group, shoved the bride, and was about to be arrested before we finally got her out of the bar and into our Uber’s car. After stopping at McDonald’s for me to run and get food , convincing said drunk girl to finally eat, and then dropping her drunk ass off in the hotel room to sleep it off, I took the bride out for more dancing. Luckily, I didn’t drink after the nap or during the revue, so I was the defacto person in charge. It worked out, I got my drink on, and the bride and I had a fantastic night after that.

Day 3

Sunday, we woke up to 2 of the girls leaving for coffee. Drunkee from the night before woke up very hung over, embarrassed, and having her own pity party. The bride woke up and decided to keep drinking rather than feel any effects yet. And I woke up and started packing. It took about 2 hours to get everyone packed up. My husband gets some props here too. He has always done a thorough double check of the any hotel room after it is all packed up and before we finally walk out…opening drawers, checking under beds, etc. I did that and found a whole stack of one of our girl’s credit cards, business cards, key fob, and receipts. Whew! After checking out, we had brunch (where the bride managed to spill her bloody mary), and then hit the road for home. It was just me and the bride again, and she drank the whole way home. We did have some really good conversation though. We talked about, among many things, how weddings and funerals let you know who your real friends are came up with this saying:


She’s marrying a police officer in the same department as my husband. I actually knew her guy before she did. He’s awesome. I call him my boyfriend, but that’s another story for another day. I’m really happy they are together, and I’m glad his bride is my friend. After dropping her off, I made it home, unpacked, and made darn sure my husband knew I missed him. Next weekend, we are celebrating with a bigger group closer to home, and the weekend after that is the wedding. And that, kids, is how my first bachelorette weekend went down (ok ok without all the crazy details I know).

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