Adult coloring books are AWESOME!

A few weeks ago I received my first adult coloring book. Now one thing you should probably know about me is that I LOVE to color. Fun fact: in college, I won a coloring contest between the girls in my dorm. 🙂 I also really love office supplies shopping. It was one of my favorite parts of being a teacher in the classroom. I know…I’m a dork.

I’ve seen these adult coloring books for a while, and they looked interesting. Now that I have one and I’ve started coloring in it, I can understand the craze. It’s very relaxing. I’ve even decided to make a few of my really good ones into Christmas gifts. I figure a frame and maybe a mat (not sure on that yet), and they could be really pretty hanging in a friend or family member’s home. At least, that’s my plan for right now. I’m usually a pretty harsh critic of my own work…especially when it comes to the cakes I make, but I think these aren’t too bad at all. What do you think?IMG_4675


In other news, my husband is definitely off and running on his garage makeover project. He’s going to put in a tool/work bench area, pour a concrete foundation on the side of the house for a shed, and move/rebuild shelves to store everything in the garage.

Oh and my next run is July 4th. Have I mentioned that I haven’t run since um my last race…back in April? This one is a 7-miler so that should be interesting. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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