A finished pool and another project

Well I didn’t plan to just disappear for a couple of weeks, but clearly it happened. I started working from home at the beginning of this month (for my summer hours), and I’m pretty sure I do more working from home than I did going in to work. It’s not a bad gig at all though since I’m able to get laundry done, cook a fresh meal for lunch, and go to the bathroom whenever I want without having to walk 2 buildings away (yeah the school I work at has an interesting bathroom situation lol).

My husband is actually off for most of the month of July (woohoo!!!) so it’s nice being able to talk to him and see him. We’ve been so busy recently, and our communication has suffered a little. Plus it’s quiet around here right now…my 2 kids are with their dad visiting his mom, so it’s just us and our youngest most of the time since my stepson works 2 jobs. It’s also hotter than hades around here so we are spending a lot of time in the pool. Speaking of which, here are completion pictures I promised:


Next week I am presenting at a conference in Vegas. I’m not really that excited about Las Vegas, but I’m happy to have a week with my husband on a “vacation” of sorts. I basically have to work for an hour out of the 5 day week. And even though we are taking different flights out and back (mine was booked a while ago since the district paid for them, but we just got his and of course my flight was sold out), it’ll be fun.

My husband’s plans for his time off: to organize and paint the garage. I will let you know how it goes, but here are “before” pictures of that project:

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