I lost my grandfather today

At 12:44pm, my grandfather left this world and was taken into the arms of his savior, Jesus Christ. He was not in any pain and my grandmother, his wife of 67 years, was right by his side. I saw him at 9:00am, and had just finished cleaning up their kitchen when the text came through. To say it has been a rough day would be an understatement.

My grandfather was a great man. He was a farmer until the day he retired about 15 years ago. A devout Christian man, my grandpa was also a man of laughter and off-color jokes. I have absolutely no doubt that he is giving the angels some grief and getting himself in trouble with his sense of humor. I also know that his little daughter and his son-in-law gave him one heck of a greeting.

My grandpa is no longer blind and can hear perfectly fine now. He isn’t on oxygen, and he is running through the streets of gold. He will be sorely missed here, but he’s in a MUCH better place now.

This is my first experience with planning a funeral, writing an obituary, and taking charge of family in a time of crisis. I’ve been asked a couple of times how I’m doing, and honestly, I’ve been keeping busy. Other than a couple of crying moments, I’ve held it together. The funeral is Monday, June 13th, and I know I won’t get through that quite as strongly as I have today. My saving grace is that my husband will be by my side.

I love you grandpa. I’m going to miss your hilarious jokes and your infectious laughter, but I know one day we’ll be together again.

grandpa picture

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