Woohoo It’s June!

I haven’t been this happy to get to a new month in a while, but I’m SOOOOO glad we are done with May. It is time to set some new goals for the beginning of Summer, so let’s recap how my May goals went:

  1. Run at least 15 miles. Um truly terrible fail here. I ran a total of 2.1 miles the entire month of May. Boooooooooo!! It was just so incredibly busy and energy sucking. Alas, I shall try harder in June.
  2. Get through my stepson’s mother visiting without turning into a complete bitch. I consider this one to be a win. It helped that I never actually saw the woman at all for her entire visit. Bonus win for me.
  3. Swim in our new pool!!!!!! Oh boy did I have fun with this one. I’ve definitely enjoyed our hot tub, and my wonderful husband got our pool up to 87 degrees on Memorial Day so that we could truly enjoy it without freezing.
  4. Have both my youngest and my daughter’s birthday parties planned and invitations created. Well this is I guess a half win. My youngest’s is all planned, invitations created, and even delivered to his pre-school classmates. My daughter’s sweet 16 is planned, and I’m basically leaving it up to her to do the invitations (I’m sure she will be using social media instead of old-fashioned invites).

Well, so May was ok I guess. In the midst of all of the graduation and pastor retirement parties, my grandfather was admitted into hospice care, and my grandmother is very sick and still in hospice care herself. Also, my aunt’s boyfriend/fiance/whatever died suddenly of a heart attack. Now this didn’t exactly upset anyone at all since he’s the one I turned in to the authorities for elderly abuse for how he treated my grandparents. The good news is that now all of us can be with them as it appears they are declining quickly. I believe my family will be able to heal before it’s too late.

So, on to June and everything this month will bring. Here are my new goals:

  1. Run 15 miles. Yes, this is a repeat. Yes, I MUST get off my booty and get going. No, I’m not looking forward to how much it’s going to suck at first, but I’m going to do it anyway.
  2. Schedule and/or do my re-interviews with the Navy Reserves. I’m not sure if I’m doing them this month, or if my recruiter is just getting them scheduled. I have a bit of times, so I’m not worried at all. If anything, I should be getting my 5 pounds lost again to be back in regulation.
  3. Participate in my first real obstacle course. June 11th is a Hero Appreciation Day at a police department near us, and they have their SWAT obstacle course open that day for teams to run it. As a member of Team RWB, we are putting a group together. I don’t know if they will want me on it or not, but I think it could be fun.
  4. Lose 5-10 pounds. As mentioned above, I need to do this. Plus, I know I felt better when I was just a little bit lighter. It would be nice to be back in compliance and even be under so that I’m not freaking out if a random weigh-in happens too.

Other than those goals, we have the 2 birthday parties, a conference I’m presenting at toward the end of the month, I get to start working from home for the summer on the 13th, Vacation Bible School, my daughter gets her license, and the Hero Appreciation Day event. To begin June, we have a baby shower at work today. I made the cake (no surprise there), and this is how it turned out:

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower

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