Today I’m feeling the two days worth of work we’ve done laying weed barrier and newspaper, digging little trenches for the landscaping plastic border, shoveling rock into the wheelbarrow, pushing said full wheelbarrow from the driveway to the backyard, dumping rock, and spreading rock. Even with gloves on, my fingertips ache. I feel it in my toes, thighs, glutimus maximus (emphasis on the maximus part…sheesh!), forearms, and lower back. The best part: We aren’t done yet!!! We have spread 3 yards of rock and have another 2 to go. We thought 3 would be enough, but alas, it wasn’t. So here’s the progress with the rock:

Those pavers are only there to keep the border from bending out with the weight of the rocks…the new sod will replace those pavers. 🙂 In other news, we now have water in the pool!! It’s not quite done yet (obviously green water won’t work), but we are closing in on the finish line.


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