A new vehicle!

So my daughter is turning 16 in about 70 days give or take.

She is our 3rd child in age order. Now when it comes to most 16 year-olds, that age will include a driver’s license and access to or ownership of some kind of vehicle. My oldest son was given access to his stepmom’s car. Which he crashed. More than once. Then he bought a motorcycle. Now that died. He had a bicycle. Someone crashed into said bicycle. He walks everywhere now. Child #2, had access to his dad’s (my husband’s) truck until he saved enough money and then he bought his own car. So far so good. Now here comes my daughter.

She doesn’t have a job yet, but is very anxious to get one when she turns 16. She is also planning to dual enroll in the local community college, which will result in her earning her Associate’s degree about 3-5 days before she graduates from high school. This will allow her to go to the university she has always wanted to go to as a transfer student. Anyway, in order to do this dual enrollment stuff and have a job, she needs access to a vehicle. This has lead to a discussion in our house for the past few weeks.

vehicles car buying used cars mileage

My daughter wants to buy my husband’s truck. It’s a Ford Escape, and it has about 110,000 miles on it give or take. BUT…it has pretty new tires, and my husband has done a lot of maintenance on it to keep it running well. It’s a safe vehicle that will certainly last her for a few years. So, ok she’s going to buy that truck. That means my husband has to get a vehicle for himself.

Now understand that we haven’t had a car payment in quite a few months. Both vehicles we have are fully paid for, and that has been a huge blessing. But we also want to be able to get a small pop up camper, trailer for a 4 wheeler/our motorcycle, so it felt like we needed to get a larger engine vehicle that could have a better towing capacity. Long story short, my husband was able to get the vehicle he has been eyeing for a while now: a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Even though we once again have a car payment, I’m excited that he’s excited. 🙂

excited exciting tom hanks that thing you do


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