Well that’s one way to start spring break

This week all of the kids are on spring break.

glee blaine anderson oh great

The oldest two are working pretty much every day. My daughter is taking it easy (more on that in a second), my 6th grader is going to drive me batty, and my youngest…well he decided to try and break his arm. And that, friends, is how we start spring break around here. Lemme explain:

My youngest is 4 going on 16 and thinks he can do anything anyone else can do. Friday after work, I decided to take him to the playground at our neighborhood park. Well the one we usually go to was CRAMMED with people for a softball tournament or something. There was literally no parking available, so we went to the next closest playground. We don’t typically go here because it’s at the end of a street and it’s a little bit big for even my fearless little guy. Anyway…we went to said playground and lo and behold one of the high school volunteers in my son’s pre-K class was there with his girlfriend. So the three of them start to play a game of “I can do anything you can do and better”. It starts off innocent enough with racing down the triple slide, but in the end as you can predict, my little guy realized he wasn’t so big after all. He jumped from a spirally climbing thing (very technical I know) to the monkey bars, except he didn’t get a grip with both hand, dangled by his left arm for half a second, and fell to the mulch covered ground below. Of course he was scared and shaken up, so we left. I thought for sure he broke his arm. All of his siblings have broken something, so I figured par for the course. Alas, I believe he’s ok. Today he is moving it and picking things up again and has his grip strength back. Whew!

redneckisland  cmt redneck island whew

My daughter got her results from the cardiologist that said her heart had been insulted and she has to take it easy for 6 months. It also means she’s not going to the pool/beach/lake/water with her friends during spring break unless a parent is with them. And since that pretty much kills all 15/16 year old girls’ fun, I guess she isn’t going anywhere. Awwww too bad…not.

I get the priviledge of working from home Monday-Thursday this week. It’s awesome until about 9AM. That’s when the two youngest get up and decide they’ve spent too much time in their room and let’s go see what mom’s up to. Lucky me. Other than that, Spring break is off to a fine start. Now let’s just hope we can make something good happen this week, like say, I don’t know, closing on my pool!!!!

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