The first game

Saturday was our youngest’s very first t-ball game. He is on a team of 4-6 year olds, and it was hilarious to watch. The league has 12 t-ball teams, and all of them played this Saturday for opening day. Our game was at 1:00, so it was nice to be able to sleep in and take our time getting ready.

We arrive about 15-20 minutes before the game, and the coaches were ready to get them all warmed up and give them a great pep talk. The game lasted an hour. During that hour, one boy had to go potty in the middle of the inning, my son was “hungry” and just wanted a drink, the little girl on our team started crying about 30 minutes in and went home, and the parents cheered every player on. It was so cute to hear our entire little crowd telling my son, “It’s ok buddy” when he got out at 1st base. Everyone was very supportive, and even though they kept score (10 – 8 we lost), all of the kids had fun.

That’s probably my favorite thing about this team and this league. The kids are out to have fun, and the coaches are out to make sure they have that fun. No one is cut throat or screaming at their kid to do better or grow up. We are just enjoying the game of baseball and watching our kids have fun. Don’t get me wrong. There are a couple of kids who are REALLY good on our team, but no one makes a big deal out of it. We may or may not have had quite a few moments like this:

At the end of the game, the kids all got a snack (which is my job for the next game) and a drink. My little guy was very proud of himself, came home and had a peanut butter sandwhich, and then laid on the couch for a bit before we went outside to play catch. Even though we both missed my husband being there, and I know he’s upset he missed our little guy’s first game, we made the best of it. We took pictures, and I sent him a video of his first at-bat. So stinkin’ adorable. 🙂

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