My son’s motorcycle

The debacle of this motocycle began a few months ago. My oldest son is 18, 19 next month, and he has been wanting a vehicle since he turned 16. He finally got a real job back in October/November and started saving. He managed to save $1400 and on Super Bowl Sunday somehow found the greatest con artist, rip off man on the planet to purchase a motorcycle from.


Let me just stop there for a second. My son wanted a sport bike. Not just any sport bike, but of course, it had to be bigger than a 250 (engine size…stick with me here for you non-motorcycle people). I could have had him a brand new sport bike but alas it was only a 350…not big enough. Also, he decided to have his dad go with him to look at this magical piece of crap on SB sunday. Now his dad is a moron. I mean a complete and total moron; ESPECIALLY in the area of vehicles. First of all, he has never ridden a motorcycle let alone know how to tell if it’s a good one or not. Second, he buys a new-to-him car about every 6 months. Not because he can, but because they usually turn out to be a piece of junk. Most recent example: He paid $2600 for 1997 Ford Mustang with over 100,000 miles on it because it is red and he always wanted a mustang. Fast forward 1 whole entire week, and he’s going to have to sink another $5,000 into it because the back end is all fubar. Not to mention he had a 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan that he could have completely paid off by now, but instead had it repossessed (that’s the 5th vehicle he has had repossessed btw).


ANYWAY…my son asked my father to go with him as well, but being SB sunday, dad said no. Note that he NEVER called me or his stepfather At. All. If he had, we wouldn’t be in the situation we are. But he didn’t. He didn’t even barter or negotiate with the jackass selling him this bike because his “dad told him not too because that is stupid”.

Ok, so he has a 1997 Suzuki something that was stolen, wrecked, and rebuilt with a rebuilt title. Red flags. Anyone? Anyone? After he owns said bike for 4 days and gets the plate, magically everything starts to break and he finally lets us look at it. The following problems exist or happened in the past 3 days:

  1. The tires were total crap and needed replaced immediately. Front tire has been replaced, and the back tire shouldn’t have ever been put on it to begin with.
  2. There is no kill switch, no working speedometer, the brake handle is broken/incorrect, no mirrors, no horn, and the bike was held together basically by zip strips
  3. The battery died twice
  4. When he went to start it on Sunday, it dumped gasoline into the air filter and wouldn’t start
  5. When he was riding it on Thursday, it dumped oil…like all of it.
  6. There were at least 3-5 exposed wires inside the bike with no defined destination
  7. Now that my husband and father have rewired the entire bike, it clicks but won’t start

Basically, if we can’t get this damn thing running again, he’s going to have to sell it at a loss for parts and hopefully be able to get something different. It is the most dangerous bike I’ve ever seen, and I can’t believe someone sunk so low as to sell this piece of shit to an 18 year-old with CLEARLY no knowledge about bikes. If I ever get a hold of this guy or his contact information, he will definitely get an earful.

At least my son has hopefully learned a few very painful but necessary lessons starting with: CALL YOUR MOTHER FIRST!!


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