What a week!

I find it extremely ironic that my last post was about dealing with stress considering the week I’ve just lived through. God has got one heck of a great sense of humor.


Last Friday I was attending my school district’s annual Teacher of the Year banquet. It was a lovely celebration. As soon as the winner was announced, I look at my phone (that had been silenced and turned face down on the table for about 45 minutes) and see that I had missed a bajillion phones calls and texts. Apparently my 15 year old daughter had gone to the movies with 3 friends and had passed out. She hit her head on the floor, and a police officer on duty at the theater got her to come back around after yelling her name. She was transported to the local hospital who ran an EKG, CT scan, and 2 sets of x-rays. Her heart rate was around 155 while she was laying in the bed. Her tests came back normal, yet her heart rate never dropped below 135. So she was transferred to a larger city hospital about 30 minutes away for more tests. They admitted her and ran another EKG, and echo of her heart, an MRI, and a ton of blood tests. Still her heart rate stayed between 120 and 140. Sunday, Valentine’s Day, she was transferred to a research hospital about 2 hours away. The transfer itself was a clusterf***, but we got there. They did another EKG, another echo of her heart, and ran more blood tests. All of those came back normal and by this time, she had been given 5 bags of IV fluid. She had also had a fever of around 101-ish since Saturday morning and had been throwing up also. They kept her in that hospital for half of Sunday, and then she was released. They just couldn’t find anything to cause her elevated heart rate. However, they did say she suffered from chronic dehydration that caused her to pass out. They told her she needs to eat more salty snacks, no more caffeine, and obviously drink lots more water. They believe the fever and vomiting was due to a slight sinus/cough she also has and told her it needs to just work itself out of her system. Finally, they told her she needed to see a pediatric cardiologist and to monitor her heart rate with an app they gave her for her phone (That’s actually pretty cool!). It was an exhausting experience to say the least.


Monday we didn’t have school, so she spent most of that day sleeping and monitoring her heart rate, and it stayed between 95 and 110. Tuesday she went to school, and it kicked her ass. Wednesday she saw her pediatrician and got a chicken pox booster and her 2nd HPV shot. Her heart rate was normal that day. Thursday and Friday she stayed home from school and her heart rate stayed down. I had a conference in a neighboring city Wednesday through Friday, so it has been one heck of a week.

Wednesday night my husband came over to the conference and we were able to go out for a very nice dinner. He was even able to stay overnight in the hotel with me, so it made our delayed Valentine’s day pretty special. I do love that man of mine.

Above all else, love one another

Of course as soon as I get home, my oldest son’s motorcycle decided to go haywire. Now THAT is a story for another post. We are still waiting for my daughter to see the cardiologist, but I can’t begin to express how helpless I felt watching my daughter lie in that hospital bed. I wouldn’t have given anything to trade places with her. I didn’t sleep at all for 2 days and that 3rd day was a very late night. Things I learned throughout all of it:

  • My church is AWESOME! We have some amazing friends that all reached out immediately. In fact, our pastor visited my daughter in both of the first 2 hospitals and so did our youth pastor.
  • Updating everyone through text messaging is VERY easy thanks to both voice-to-text and copy/paste.
  • My new boss has a heart of gold, and she didn’t let one single day go by without checking up on my daughter.
  • My daughter is one strong lady. She must get that from her mother. 🙂

I serve a mighty God, and I know he holds my daughter’s health in the palm of His hand.


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