How do you deal with stress?

I think for the past couple of months there’s been an elevated level of stress around our house, and it’s interesting to see how we deal it.


I do a few different things depending on how stressed I am. I will clean like crazy, but that’s usually if I’m pissed off and stressed at the same time. This also coincides with uber organizing, purging, and moving furniture around. Sometimes I will also go running. This usually happens when I’m stressed because I’m feeling overwhelmed. I have found a new station on Pandora: Running (Radio Mix) Radio, and so far I’m loving it. I also downloaded a new app to my iPhone: Gipis, which is my training app for my upcoming half marathon in 7 weeks. It’s great because it “recalculates” if you miss a day or run faster or slower than what it is telling you to do. I usually have an “I don’t want to go running” attitude when I’m first getting ready to go, but when I’m done, I feel so much better. I pray a lot when I run, and I play out different solutions to problems in my head. Lastly, I will lose myself in a book. Typically this happens when I’m feeling stressed and depressed. I also have to read something inspiring or christian themed in order to feel hopeful and “better” at the end of the book. Those are my go-to remedies.


My husband deals with stress totally different than I do. Ok, he does definitely clean a lot more when stressed. He also points out everything that’s wrong/filthy/cluttered while he’s doing it. This is not a good time to engage him in a conversation or try to defend anything he is saying. He is a stress eater as well. The crazy amount of snacks that appear in our house is usually directly correlated to his level of stress. 🙂 He also tends to yell…A. LOT. when he’s stressed. Usually I can hold my tongue when he does it to me, and I walk away. Mostly because I know if I yell back, it’s gonna get ugly fast and really really nasty things can be said. Sometimes I just can’t take it, and I let him know exactly how I feel about his yelling and what it does to me. This would be MUCH more effective if I did it when we were both calm, but alas, that’s not always the case. Now some of this stuff is related to his PTSD, which just sucks but that’s a whole different post. Now that our youngest is getting older, it’s super important to me that he is getting the best example to follow in what a good marriage looks like. Not that the other kids aren’t important, but my 3 kids aren’t with us all the time (my oldest has moved out and the other 2 are with us every 2 weeks for 2 weeks) and my stepson works quite a bit and basically lives in his room. And not for nothing, but I HATE it when there is a disagreement in our house; especially if it’s between my husband and I. I literally feel like my whole world is off-balance when it happens.


I know like everything else, this too shall pass. Sometimes I think it’s easier if I’m the one stressed out and not him, but I’m sure he would disagree. I also think it’s about time to start planning a vacation, but this whole pool debacle has slowed us down in that area too. Ce la vie. The good news, and something I have to remember to focus on, is that we are healthy, our love is strong, and we’ll weather this storm like we have all the others. How do you deal with stress?

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