An Inflatable Race

Ok I’ve licked my wounds and I’m moving on. I’ve decided to find as many online courses as I can that could relate to the job I want, and I’m just going to work hard to be a better candidate next round. ANYWAY…

My daughter and I “ran” a very unique race last weekend. You can find details about this type of race here. We just got the pictures in last night so I can share how it went. 🙂

Before the race, it was flat out cold for us. I’m pretty sure it was in the upper 40’s. We got there ridiculously early, checked in, put our race bibs on, and then headed straight back to the car to stay warm. About 30 minutes before our heat was to start, we got out and stretched and found our corral. The first heat of the day was the “PR” heat, so they basically did the first obstacle a couple of times for pictures and promo videos, and then they cleared out so that we could start. Right from the get-go, I knew this was going to be a bit more of a challenge than I had anticipated. The first obstacle was a climb up what looked like stairs and then slide down the other side. Basically, I just didn’t want to land like this:


Being the first racing group was interesting for sure. The morning dew still covered all of the obstacles, and anything to slide on was very slick. Now my daughter is not a runner by any means, and she has an ankle with an attitude sometimes, so we jogged between the first couple of obstacles, decided that wouldn’t work for her, so we walked between obstacles the rest of the way.

The most ridiculously hard obstacle required us to walk up a very steep and tall hill, slide down the other side, and repeat 2 more times. My legs were jelly for a while after that one. By far, the most hilarious obstacle came around #3 or #4. If you’ve ever seen the game show “Wipeout”, you’ll understand. It was a short little climb up and then through a few blowup obstacle thingies and then 4. Big. Balls. Ideally, one would lightly skip from ball to ball until the end and gracefully dismount. I watched my daughter proceed to do exactly that. She made it look so easy. Well, I figured if my 15 year old somewhat of a clutz daughter can do it, SURELY I can do it too. I got to the first ball and thought, “That wasn’t so bad”. Lightly skipping to the 2nd and 3rd balls, I got very confident. Too much so. I hit that 4th ball and immediately thought, “Oh crap…and there’s the photographer…and I’m going to make an epic picture right here because I have absolutely zero control over the direction my body is going”. Somewhere between the moment my first foot hit the side…not the top…of the ball and my body landing on my head/shoulder, I realized I was still having fun. I could hear the people behind me reacting with a very loud and vocal “Ohhhhhhhhh”. And no I didn’t hit the woman in the picture…she was a good 20 feet away, but the caption could be HILARIOUS for this picture.


But as you can see (taken right before I went inverted), I was still cracking up. And apparently I cracked up the photographer too. Go me. Even with my amazing grace, poise, and athletic prowess (you can stop laughing now LOL), it was my downright insane ability to laugh at myself that made the day super fun. I was able to spend an hour laughing, talking, and hanging out with my daughter. That’s pretty much priceless (which is a good thing since this race was like $50 each to do). I would definitely do it again, and next time, my husband should run it with me too.


Next race: this Sunday where once again the weather will be in the 40’s, but at least I’m doing the 5K and not the Half Marathon. 😉

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