The verdict is in

Well I got the results of the selection board. I had to dig through my text messaging history (Thank God I don’t delete anything) to find the number of the lieutenant that assisted me when my recruiter was gone on a cruise this past summer. He is the one who finally told me the results…not my recruiter who is apparently MIA…at least to me.

I did not get selected. Out of all of the people sent up from my recruiting station, only 2 were chosen. I have to say that I’ve done a pretty good job of staying realistic about the whole thing. I’ve kept my expectations low and tried not to get my hopes up. It still sucks. It is still incredibly disappointing. I still had hopes. But I guess I knew when my recruiter didn’t return my email and my phone message went unanswered it wasn’t good news.


The lieutenant tells me I will need more interviews and if I can get more letters of recommendation that would be good. Also, if I finish a degree or earn a certificate that would help too. I have a freakin’ doctorate degree, so I’m not going back to school. I know that’s just what everyone is told who is going to reapply, so it is what it is. I look forward to the interviews because I like interviewing, and I feel like there’s more I could say or I could have said it better. I don’t know. At least I don’t have to physically requalify because that is good for a year, and the next board meets in August…unless they cancel it…like they did last year.

So ok God…what’s the plan now? I got passed over for a promotion at work, and I thought it was because this would take up too much time to be in charge. Wrong. At least I can make summer plans now. And not weigh myself every day. Right now…that’s all the silver lining I can find. But at least I know.


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