Double or nothing right?

Yep I’m still waiting.


Apparently 20 wasn’t lucky enough. Maybe 22 will be??? I get that the military is always hurry up and wait. I also get that my recruiter told me it could take up to 2 weeks (see that blasted 2 again?!). BUT she also said it doesn’t “normally” take that long.

So here we are at the end of week 1. Every time my phone rings, my heart takes off and my stomach flips out…until I see who is, or rather, who isn’t calling. And apparently I do a lot of sighing. My poor husband. He is so in tune to me, and usually sighing is not a good thing at all so he’s usually fixing whatever is bothering me. Except this time, there isn’t a freakin’ thing he can do. Not. a. thing. Poor guy.

This weekend it’s going to be downright chilly around here, and of course, I can’t just curl up with a book under a blanket and stay home. Nope. I have a conference basically all morning tomorrow, I’m leading church worship for the 2nd service on Sunday, and I’m picking up 2 of my kids from their dad’s house. Here’s hoping if I don’t find out anything today, that the weekend goes by quickly!


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