Clearly I have a Problem

To say I am an avid reader would be a huge understatement. I LOVE to read, and I read really fast.


When I was in probably 4th grade or so, my family and I went to this reading conference…ok I don’t exactly know what it was. It was in the ballroom of a hotel, and the people were trying to sell this product that helped you to increase your reading speeds and comprehension levels. Anyway, I was picked out of the crowd along with 5-6 other kids to demo this product for the audience. I was the youngest one. I ended up reading faster than all of the other kids and still maintained my high comprehension level. It’s a gift.

I probably read 150 books a year, and that might be a conservative estimate. When I was getting my doctorate degree, I had to slow a LOT, but after graduation, I was craving relaxing reading. I’ve talked about cutting down on the number of actual books I own, which is great. My iBooks app library currently has over 200 books in it, and I’ve read all but 3. I am a part of the group, and I download a new book for FREE probably 4-5 days a week. The best part about that is I can designate what kind of books I want, and that is all they send me to pick from.


My favorite genre is Christian Fiction. I especially love anything set in the 1800-early 1900’s (preferably out west), Amish themed, or current day as long as it doesn’t involve vampires or aliens. I also really like historical fiction. I do not enjoy science fiction at all. I have slowly picked my through most of the classics, and sometimes I surprise myself when I really enjoy something I put off forever (ex: Grapes of Wrath).

Anyway, I definitely read more books on my iPad than I do holding an actual book; sad but true. Just the cost alone makes that a reality. Well I got an actual book for Christmas…2 to be honest. I already read “War Room”, which was really good and better than the movie IMO. Now I’m reading “Undetected”, which is about a Navy submariner and a researcher.

So what is my problem you ask? Ok last night I was sitting on the couch reading said actual real-life book, and I was wondering what time it was. Now instead of looking at my watch, my phone, or the friggin clock above the TV…yep, I looked at the top of the page. Unlike my beloved iPad, that book didn’t have a convenient little clock. Nor does it tell me how many pages I have left in a chapter…another funny moment yesterday! Clearly, I have not had an actual book in my hands in WAY too long.


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