Decluttering, Organizing, and Forging Ahead

It seems with every year beginning (or season changing or major stress), I get into a mode of deep cleaning, organizing, and decluttering. Some of it I just can’t avoid…like when my sister gives me a couple of HUGE bags of clothes for our youngest, so I HAVE to clean out his dresser (and buy an underbed storage container) to get everything put away. Other things just become a compulsion. I’d also like to blame Pinterest. HA!


It all started at home during my break. Every day after Christmas I tackled another project. I straightened one of our Thomas Kinkade paintings that has been off level for over a year. I cleaned out and organized the area under my sink (Holy crap that was a mess!). I reorganized the cabinet that holds 99% of our tupperware-type containers and lids. I did donate 2 full bags of size 2T-3T boys clothes to two of my co-workers after receiving 2 bags of 4T-5T clothes from my sister. I finished tiling the backsplash in our guest bathroom. I hung the tie back rods for the curtains in the kitchen. I cleaned out and reorganized my side of our walk-in closet. This project included an idea I found on Pinterest; using shower curtain hooks to hang my purses. And it worked!!! I LOVE it. Yes I know I’m going to need to take pictures and update this post. I’m on it. Meanwhile, this is the idea from Pinterest:


I also power washed the back patio, bought 3 baskets to get all of my shoes organized in said closet, and reorganized my curio cabinet. When I came back to work yesterday, the mode continued. I cleaned off a bunch of nonsense from my filing cabinet, got rid of a full trash can of unnecessary papers, folders, and notes, and then got to work in the rest of the office. I managed to scale down and get rid of 3 boxes of junk that had been lying around the office for at least 2 months. Wahooo!

I’m just one of those people that can’t work in messy or dirty environments like I can when everything has it’s place. That’s not to say that my office or desk area isn’t a mess at times, but at the end of every day, I take the time to organize it before I leave because coming in to a disaster is stressful. The same thing happens at home. There’s something comforting about cleaning stuff out. My husband probably will be rolling on the floor with laughter at that, because I’m also somewhat of a packrat. I tend to hang on to things for a while, and then I go on a massive purge fest. Example: I LOVE to read. I had two entire bookshelves full of books at one time. With each move, I did manage to pear down some of them. Over break, I donated a big box to our church library and another huge box to our local public library. I am now down to just a couple of shelves of books. I have been known to throw a fit in the past about getting rid of books, but then some wild hair crawls in and I end up getting rid of a lot. I can’t explain it.


If you’re someone who does NOT enjoy purging or organizing, here are a few tips that work for me:

  1. Start small. Pick just one project or area to do. Example, I know my under the sink area in my bathroom was a wreck. (Really wishing for before and after pictures now). But, it was also pretty overwhelming because of so much stuff. That’s why I knew I would only do that project in one day.
  2. Sort first. I pulled everything out from under the sink and sorted it all into piles: Keep, Trash, Donate. Then I sorted the Keep pile into categories: Medicine, Soaps/Hygene, Hair stuff.
  3. Containers go a LONG way. I have a small box, 2 baskets, and a soft sided bag to store everything in this area. I didn’t have to purchase anything new because I already had these either here or in other areas. Once I got things put into containers it was SO much easier to put away.
  4. Don’t be afraid to purge. I had lipgloss that was 3 years old. I’m never going to wear it. Same thing for that really awesome lotion that was given to me 2-3 Christmases ago. Trash it.
  5. Admire your work. When you’re all done, sit back and admire that bad boy. You did it!


Once you get one job done, it’s easier to forge ahead to the next one. Next up for me: sorting through all of the t-shirts I have. I just have way too many, and I don’t wear a lot of them. What’s next on your organizing to-do list?

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