Crazy Town Chaos Time

Well this weekend began what I am going to call “Crazy Town Chaos” time around here. Saturday we had a christmas party at the police department, family pictures, and tree shopping (we scored a 10 ft tree for $35.00!!!). Sunday we had church, a parade (which we managed to skip sort of), the Bills game (VICTORY!!!!), getting my 6th grader’s choir pants hemmed for his performance this Tuesday, and a 5K. A what now you ask? That’s right. A 5K. Except I didn’t do a 5K, I did 5 miles.

One week ago yesterday I ran 26.2 miles and was pretty convinced I would never be able to walk again let alone run again. By last Friday, everything felt like it was getting back to normal though. My husband and I had registered for the Runkeeper’s Global 5K a few weeks prior, and of course, it was just the motivation I needed to get back out there again. My splits were kind of all over the place too, which reflected how I felt during the run:

Mile 1: 12:33

Mile 2: 12:25

Mile 3: 15:35

Mile 4: 12:37

Mile 5: 12:52

It took me an hour and 11 minutes to get 5.2 miles in. *sigh* My feet didn’t feel too bad during, but my left hamstring was incredibly tight starting around Mile 3. I figured I would baby it, but that’s didn’t help any, so then I figured to just run through it. Basically, no matter what I did, it just felt tight, like painful tight but not painful pulled or injured.

When we got home, we ended up finishing the decoration of the tree. This is the first year we have managed to put every single ornament we own on the tree. Hurray for 10 ft of tree!! Now we just have to keep it alive for 3 weeks, and we’ll be good. As for the other activities from the weekend, family pictures (which we did thanks to my husband reading this blog!) took an hour longer than they should have thanks to JC Penny NOT keeping any appointments on time (what is the point of an appointment if they let walk-ins come in and push everyone back??????), the parade we got out of since my stepson’s aunt came down from across the country and took him to the parade and brought him home after, the kids had a great time at the chrismas party and got the best gifts out of any of those parties we’ve been to in the past, church was super awesome and we almost had our entire family there to for our Advent candle reading (my husband even read a portion of it, and I know it’s not his favorite thing to do but he loves me so he did it anyway), my kiddo’s pants are ready for his performance, my husband and I did finish that 5K plus some extra, and the Bills beat the Houston Texans (yes it was a stressful, nailbiter of a game, but we won)!!!

Coming up during Crazy Town Chaos Time: a holiday party, my work christmas party, 3 choir concerts, a flight to and from another state for my stepson to visit his mother, finish Christmas shopping, get my Navy security clearance check completed, run another 26 miles for a virtual run by the end of the year, and welcome a new boss at work. I’m pretty sure that sums it all up for now. Like I said, Crazy Town Chaos.

At least once I can get out of school/work around December 18th, the holiday season will have it’s slowing down and reflection period (to coincide directly with the cleaning frenzy at my house). LOL!

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