December Goals

Well since November went so well, I guess I will go ahead and try for December too! Here are my goals for this month:

  1. Get my hair done. Honestly this is going to be an easy one since I already have the appointment scheduled, but oh well.
  2. Successfully participate in all of the holiday parties, concerts, and gatherings for school/work without getting ill or saying something that I shouldn’t. Seriously not sure about achieving this one, but it could happen. 
  3. Host Christmas at our house. Ok so obviously we’re hosting, but now that my husband got to go to a day shift for work, it’s really just me hosting. And while that sucks, at least he’ll be home around 5pm. It could be so so so so much worse.
  4. Do something fun, relaxing, and enjoyable during the holiday break. I will have basically 4 days of only 1 child, then about a week with only 2 kids. I’m hoping to be able seize the opportunity to do something special with just our youngest before chaos ensues. Sometimes I think he gets the short end of the stick being the youngest of 5…but then again…sometimes I don’t believe that at all. LOL! 


That’s it. Here’s to a month of peace and joy in our home and yours. May your Christmas be a time of blessings and remembrance of the reason for the season.

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