November Goals Results

This past month I set 4 goals for myself, and I was pretty sure these would be easy enough to achieve. Here’s how I did:

  1. Take Christmas Pictures. Fail. Not only did I not get our picture taken, I didn’t even think about having them taken. That makes about the 3rd year in a row without a new family picture. *sigh*
  2. Make my Christmas list for my husband. SUCCESS! I did a fine job if I do say so myself in making a list that is reasonable and offers lots of choices. Woohoo!                                
  3. Complete the Army Marathon. SUCCESS! Not only did I complete this marathon, but I completed a second actual in-person, suffer-through-every-mile, never-gave-up, marathon too. Double win!
  4. Decorate for Christmas. Hmmmmm….this is like a 3/4 win. We have the outside of our house completely done. The inside is almost done, but we haven’t gotten our tree yet. I’m going to call the place we get our tree from and see when they are expecting their next tree shipment. Hopefully, it’ll be this weekend at the latest. 


All in all, 2 3/4 out of 4 ain’t bad. Right?


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