I did it!

Saturday might have been the busiest day of my life yet, but it was also pretty darn good. When my alarm went off at 4AM, I didn’t even hesitate to get out of bed and get ready to go. After double and triple checking that I had everything, it was time to get on the road for my very first 5K.

It took us a bit to get to the race, and other than questioning the air temperature (all of a sudden it was in the 60’s), I wasn’t feeling nervous at all. Once we got to the race, we geared up and found port-a-potties…that were locked. Ok. So we headed over to the park where registration was taking place and the starting line. Finally got my potty break (and my husband’s 2-3 potty breaks), and after about an hour, we found our place at the starting line. We did our stretching, and I pretty much started to feel all the nerves. After a really cool opening ceremony and cannon blast, we were off. Now, my husband and I determined before the race that we would each run our own race; however, we wanted to stay together as much as possible. We lined up in the 10-11 minute/mile pace area. The first 2 miles we were together and maintaining that pace. My first mile was 10:30. My second mile was 10:27. Everything was going great. And then the course bottlenecked. We went from a wide open road to a sidewalk path 2 person wide.

Now this is where I basically got separated from my husband (he got ahead of me), and I didn’t see him again until the finish line. This is also when my pace got completely FUBAR’d by one chick. Yep that’s right…one. person. So, this 2 person wide path had the walkers on the right and the runners on the left. Cool. We were doing just fine. Then the girl right in front of me stops. No not walks…stops completely. I was pissed. There was no way around her. Now if you are a runner, you know that once you stop running it’s really hard to get going again and refind your pace (ok maybe that’s just me). Once I can finally get around her (as I’m doing my own little jog in place thing), my 3rd mile pace was 11:36. Ugh! I could finally see the finish clock, and then realized that wasn’t the finish clock. We actually had to go around to the right and around to the left in a gravel parking lot and THEN I could see the finish line down a grassy (althought it was pretty wet/muddy/grassy that day) lane. I saw the clock saying 35 minutes and almost 36, and I was shocked! I didn’t think I had gone that slow. I immediately started giving everything I had left and booked it to the finish line….where I received my medal from a Marine, grabbed a lukewarm cup of gatorade, and did a bad thing…I sat down in a chair.


I KNOW I’m not supposed to do that. But, I did it anyway. My husband got me a cold bottle of water, and I put that badboy on the back of my neck. After a few minutes, I was fine. There were a lot of vendors at this race with all kinds of things to give away. I had a small sub from Firehouse (delish!), a smoothie sample (YUM!), and 2 doughnut holes from Dunkin’ Donuts along with that cold bottle of water. I also picked up a string bag, a water bottle, a coin purse, two pens, a pencil, a stress ball, keychain, and a coozie. Oh, and they gave us a 16oz glass engraved with the race information on it too! That was pretty awesome!

On the way home, we downloaded the app from the race and looked up our finish times/placements. My actual finish time was 34:34. YES!! My goal was to be under 35:00, and I did it!!! I finished 27th out of 73 women in my age group, which puts me in the top 37%. My husband killed me and finish with a time of 33:01 and placing 15th out of 28 putting him in the top 54%. Both of us agree that if we had been able to stay together we would have finished faster. It suck I lost him in the last mile. The good news is that now I know that race course, and I would totally do this race again next year. Even being sore yesterday and today, I really enjoyed running the race. I didn’t walk any of it. And, I would do another 5K in a heartbeat. It has definitely sparked a motivation that I had started to lose for running.

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