Let the waiting begin!

Yesterday I received the email I have been working toward since February.

“Your officer packet has been submitted. Now the waiting begins.”

Cue the angels:

Other than my dissertation, I don’t think I’ve ever jumped through so many hoops and worked so hard for something as I have to become a Navy Reserve officer. Now, I’m not an officer yet…I still have to wait until the selection board convenes in January (hence the waiting game), BUT just the fact that I have been cleared physically, endorsed by the CIO (Chief Intelligence Officer), and have a completed packet submitted is a huge accomplishment. I’m hoping that with the holidays and work being so crazy busy, the time will just fly by. I’m also praying that I get picked up in this first go round, because if I don’t, I have to wait an entire YEAR for the next board. At that point, I have no idea how much I will have to redo or resubmit in order to go through the whole process again. According to the CIO, I have done everything I can to make my packet stand out: I have the highest level of degree one can attain, I have a 4.0 gpa for my Masters and a 3.99 (thanks to one STUPID class) for my EdD; I have proven leadership experience in the civilian world, and I’m not a couch potato. After all of that, it’s in God’s hands…right where it should be.

So now I wait…114 days…and counting.

navy countdown

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