That time he made me cry…

I have loved my husband since the first time he walked out to my car and almost kissed me. We have had our ups and downs, trials and tribulations, and lots of adventures. There have been times that he’s made me want to kill him and times he’s made me remember why I fell in love with him in the first place. Last night, he made me cry…lots of happy tears. Really it all started that morning…

Sundays are generally hectic when football season starts up. This Sunday was no exception. I had to get up a little bit early in order to exchange my two younger kids with their dad for his time with them. Then I finished getting ready for church and got my youngest ready to go. I woke up my husband on my way out the door so that he could meet me at church. I have to be there by 10:00 for Praise Team practice, but church doesn’t start until 10:45, so he usually meets us there to get a few more minutes of sleep. This particular Sunday, we had a guest pastor. He’s actually the brother of our Prase and Worship leader. Ya’ll to say he was great would be a huge understatement. I LOVED the way he presented the message and really broke it down for everyone. There was definitely something magical in the air that morning. Even while singing, we could just feel the Holy Spirit filling the place. Hallelujah!!

Anyway, the Cliff’s notes version of his sermon was that prayer is powerful and everyone should be bold enough to take the first step in praying and praising with the families, friends, etc. Alright so we go home, watch the Bills lose to the Patriots (oh the agony!), and then I start just observing my husband and our youngest. Our little guy asked his dad to color with him (he’s 4). Then he climbed up on the couch and snuggled up right next to daddy and played on his tablet. Pretty soon it was time for bed. Now usually I put him to bed, and I sing this one particular song that he loves, tell him goodnight and I love him, and that’s it. Last night, daddy put him to bed. He was in there for a bit, but I didn’t think too much of it. When my husband came out of our little guy’s bedroom, he was like, “so I prayed with my little buddy”. Cue waterworks.

Apparently, he had our little guy kneel on the floor next to his bed with him and repeated a prayer after daddy. Afterwards, he asked, “Why do we have to pray?” Wow a big question from such a little body. My husband explained the importance of talking to Jesus to our little boy, and the whole time he’s telling me the story, my eyes just keep filling up. I mean, look, I am so incredibly proud of my husband. I have been to numerous military and law enforcement events when he has been honored or singled out for a good job that I have teared up. I have gotten all teary when he’s held our youngest as a newborn and then when teaching him all sorts of things. When he’s had a moment with the 6th grader, and when he’s hugged our only girl…definite misty eye moments. But this was a whole new level.

I am so proud of my husband for taking his role as the spiritual leader of our house seriously. He has never been real bold in his prayer life. I know I’ve never heard him pray except for our dinner prayer that never changes. I can’t wait to see how this impacts our youngest…and really our whole family. I know tonight I’m going to ask our little guy what he wants to talk to Jesus about. I’m sure his response is going to be interesting. đŸ™‚ I also know that I love and admire my husband more than ever. He truly is such a magnificent blessing from God, and I’m so incredibly lucky to be his wife.

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