Stay Safe My Love

I tell my husband, “Stay safe”, before he leaves my arms to go to work every day. I text him “stay safe” at the end of our text conversations while he’s on duty. He always responds with, “I will”. And then we exchange “I love you’s”, and he tells me he will see me in the morning (he works nights). And then I pray for his safety. I pray like I breathe…constantly…in whispers…fervently. With society the way it is right now, I am praying like I’ve never prayed before.

While everyone else decides what to wear to work and what to eat for lunch, my husband and father of 5, a God-fearing Christian who loves his country and has gone to war to defend this country, who loves the Buffalo Bills and listening to country music, and who would literally lay his life down for his brothers in blue and his family, goes to work. He puts on his vest, his gun belt, and his boots. He makes sure his radio battery is fully charged and he has a backup battery. He prepares his heart and mind for whatever may come. And then he gives hugs to his children, kisses his wife, promises to stay safe and come home in the morning, and gets in his patrol car to start his shift. And we pray. A lot.

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