Zero to 60

I swear this month has something new packed into it every time I turn around. I realized today it’s been like 10 days since I even thought about writing a blog post. Ooops! Clearly, it’s busy…and since family is involved…it’s a bit dramatic too.

My grandmother fell at home and broke her pelvis, so she’s been in the hospital and is now in the rehab center. This fall also prompted a call to the Department of Family Services regarding potential elderly abuse. Yes, I made the call…against my aunt and her “friend”. They live with my grandparents supposedly to take care of them; however, we are all finding out that isn’t exactly happening. Now we will wait for the results of the investigation. I’ve definitely seen more of my grandparents in the past 2 weeks than I have in the past year, so it’s not all bad. But it does mean I’m busier than I expected.

Last weekend I took two of my older children to Disney’s Night of Joy. It was a mixed bag in terms of the experience. Friday was great! The concert (Mercy Me) was excellent! I had 4 teenage girls in my group and we ended up about 4-5 rows from the front of the stage. It was also the first live concert my daughter and one other girl had ever attended. We stayed at the Fort Wilderness Campground in their cabins. I had a total of 6 in our cabin including me. The best part was that all 5 teenage girls got along well and even made new friends. We got back to the cabin around 2AM on Saturday and after getting the giggles, fell asleep around 3:30AM. After one of our girls decided to go swimming with another group around 8:30AM, we all slept until around 10. I took my little group exploring on our golf cart (from the resort), and we went to the Trading Post, saw the pools, and did a short nature hike. After a group lunch, we headed out for Night 2…in the rain. It started out a simple light rain. We got about a 2 hour break, and then the skies absolutely opened up and drenched us. The lightning was popping like crazy and actually hit pretty close to FantasyLand. The concert we were supposed to see was delayed, so we ended up missing it. We still got to ride a bunch of rides and hang out together though. We again got back around 2AM and everyone basically went straight to sleep. At 9:00 we were up and going to our devotional. At 10:15, we were frantically packing up, checking cabins, returning golf carts (which I again had to run in the rain), and jump starting one of our church vans (battery/alternator issues). We finally got back to our church around 1:00PM. I then had to go pick up my two youngest and head home to watch football!

I did miss the first quarter, but the important thing is that the Bills WON! And…my fantasy football team is kicking butt…so far. LOL! It’s looking like it will be one heck of a season for my team, and I’m just praying the team stays healthy. It’s always nice to say we are undefeated. Right now, only half of the NFL can say that. YAY!


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