I Went to Battle

Confession time.

I have slacked off like crazy the since just before my cruise in the running department…ok and on my diet. I’m still maintaining my weight (yay for my metabolism being better), and my 1.5 mile time is still way under where I need it to be for the Navy (whew!), BUT…I can tell my endurance isn’t quite what it used to be. I know the only way to improve it is to, well, run. *sigh* So…I ran.

Last night, I felt pretty good running. I hit my 1 mile when I needed to, and then it happened. I ran into the apocalypse of gnats. I mean it was like hitting a brick wall of the stupid little jerkfaces. I probably swallowed a dozen of them, had another half dozen up my nose and in my eyes, and I’m sure I showered another dozen out of my hair. I swatted at them, choked on them, and probably looked a bit like this:

To say my last half mile was not exactly at my usual speed is an understatement. After going through that combat zone, I was lucky to be alive (ok that might be a huge exaggeration) let alone maintaining any sort of pace. I did manage to get back to a relatively normal jog and finish with some semblance of a sprint. I even managed about a quarter mile of a walk for a cool down. I’m surprised when I walked in the door, everyone didn’t wonder what I had gone through.

The good news is I survived, I went to battle and won, and I will be running with my head down on that stretch of my route for a while. At least now I know to stay alert for crazy suicide bombing gnats.

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