Blogging with Anonymity

Sometimes I think people overshare on social media. I look at the popular vlogs out there and know I could never put myself out there like that. More power to them for doing it successfully. I have many blogs that I religiously follow and read. I LOVE seeing all of the pictures and feeling like I “know” the people I read. It’s much harder to do that for those of us that choose to blog anonymously. I mean, I don’t have a totally anonymous blog, and I’ve posted a few pictures now and then, but most of those are from behind. I’ve been asked before why I choose this method, so here ya go…

When I started to blog a few years ago, I was using it more as an online diary/therapy. I poured all of my emotions, thoughts, and happenings onto the screen. Being an Army wife, I knew all about OPSEC and I didn’t want to be the reason anyone was put at risk including myself. My husband has always been very cautious about our online presence, and I’m sure it has saved me more often than not. In fact, when we were in the heat of our custody battle for my stepson across the country, I vented and ranted and raved all the time on here. BUT I was only able to do that because of my quasi-anonymity. I had already had to shut down my Facebook page due to shenanigans from his mother and others, and I was determined to keep my blog. I made it private and played with access and security, but I realized as long as I kept some of my details private, I didn’t need any of that. Perhaps I’m overly cautious, but in my opinion, it’s better to go the overly cautious route than the oversharing route.

So here I am. I still share what’s going on in my life and my family. I still share my hopes, dreams, frustrations, sorrows, and joy. I will talk about things that are important, inspiring, and embarrasing. I won’t share an abundance of pictures of my face or the faces of my family. I won’t share our exact location. I won’t be able to share a lot of what I (hopefully get to) do in the Navy, but you can bet I will share what I can. I won’t share a lot of what my husband does in his career either so at least that’s balanced LOL. My priority is OPSEC and safety. My purposeĀ for my blog is to show my quirky, funny, sarcastic, chaotic life. I confess it is for selfish reasons that I have a blog in that I have saved a ton of money on therapy, gotten over arguments and worked out solutions to problems much faster. I also confess that while I probably get more out of this than my readers, I hope my writing brings hope, joy, helpful hints with projects, a feeling of not being alone in the struggles of life, and laughter. Enjoy!


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