My first real surprise…EVER

It will probably not shock too many people that I am really hard to surprise. I’m typically very observant, I can read people pretty well, and I’m just incredibly nosy. Which means I usually figure it out anytime someone tries to surprise me. I’ve been this way my whole life, and no one has ever pulled it off. Someone usually spills the beans…until now.

I have officially been legitimately surprised. I didn’t have to fake my reaction at all. And…I owe it all to my amazing husband. He told me we were going to have dinner just the two of us on Wednesday night (the night before my actual birthday). We went to Outback Steakhouse and then walked around the mall for a bit. We had a great conversation with no interruptions from the kids, and it was nice. Then we went home. I noticed a bunch of cars at the end of our cul de sac, but there’s a house down there with a bunch of college kids living in it, so I didn’t give it any thought.

When I walked in the house, it was quiet and my daughter says, “Surprise”. I’m like, “yeah the house looks all clean and smells great”. Then by my brother pokes his head around the corner. That’s when I really got it. He lives about 4-5 hours away from me and got married on Monday, so I don’t get to see him and definitely didn’t expect him that night. He brought his new wife, and my parents came, as well as a friend from one of our motorcycle groups, and one of my husband’s former co-workers and his fiancee. They had snacks and a cake and the house was decorated for my birthday. I was soooooo surprised! It was awesome!

My daughter got me a new mother/daughter charm for my Pandora bracelet. Our friend got me a nice bottle of wine (that will probably be regifted or never opened because I don’t drink wine). And the former co-worker got me a massive bottle of my favorite: Smirnoff Green Apple!!! We all hung out until about 10pm and had a nice time. I’m still in awe that my husband was able to pull it off. Apparently it was quite the task to keep it from me and get people to come over to our house while we were gone. He did such a great job.

I love you so much honey, and I’m so blessed to have you as my husband.

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