My youngest started school

Today was the first day of pre-K for my youngest. He looked so grown up. We have been talking up school all summer. We made shopping for school stuff fun and let him pick out his lunchbox and clothes. This morning he got up and got dressed with no issue. He helped me to make his lunch and seemed ok. His dad put more lunch and snacks in his box than he would ever normally eat in a day, so he definitely won’t starve. LOL!

I am very lucky that my little guy is attending pre-K at the same school that I work in. He rode with me to work and hung out in my office for about 30 minutes. After a last minute potty break, we walked over to his classroom. He said, “Mommy I’m a little afraid”. I reassured him it was going to be fun and he would make new friends. After that, he talked about superheroes the rest of the way there. When we walked in, I signed him in, he hung up his backpack and put his lunch box on the shelf. I took a few pictures, and we went to his seat. The teacher had them coloring a picture of a shark. He loved opening his new pencil box and finding a pencil, crayons, and scissors. After a few more pictures, I said, “See ya later”, and he said, “Bye mom”. That was it. Not a tear, a fit, a request for his blankie (he carries that blanket EVERYWHERE since the day he was born), nothing. He was good to go.

I was doing fine…until I got outside. Moms were losing it and crying like crazy. I admit, I teared up after I dropped him off. But overall, I was ok. It’s hard seeing your youngest start school. It’s like the final good-bye to Toddlerhood. And I don’t want to say good-bye. I’m not ready for him to be this old. I’m holding on like crazy to all of his impulsive cuddles, I love you’s, and kisses. I know they won’t last long. This is the first step to losing my little baby. And it sucks.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad he’s excited. I’m happy he’s happy. I know he’s going to learn a lot. He’s really smart, and he needs to be in school. I’m especially glad he’s close. But he’s my last first day of pre-K. It really did come too fast.

tj2                       TJ School 2015

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