39 things about me

Today is my birthday. My 39th birthday. I’m not just saying that because I don’t want to turn 40; it really is my 39th birthday. 🙂 In honor of that, here are 39 things about me (some funny, some serious, and maybe some weird):

  1. I am the oldest of 5 kids (the baby of the family is the only boy)
  2. I have moved 22 times and lived in 5 different states
  3. I appeared in 2 episodes of “Family Feud” back in 2010
  4. My favorite color is Royal Blue
  5. I love to paint my toenails in all kinds of colors, but I don’t typically paint my fingernails
  6. I got my belly button pierced when I was 30 on a dare from the cheerleaders I coached (I let that close up after about a year)
  7. I am a Christian who believes in the Holy Trinity and that the Bible is God’s truth for us not to be edited
  8. I am not a huge fan of chocolate. I love white chocolate, but I could live the rest of my life without chocolate and be ok
  9. I have my own cake business as a side business right now
  10. When I get stressed out or angry, I clean 
  11. My go to travel food is Twizzler Bites
  12. My love langagues are Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch
  13. I am a voracious reader, and I read really fast. I finished 3 novels of about 400 pages each over a weekend trip
  14. I might be one of the most competitive people I know. I will compete over just about anything
  15. I am a certified scuba diver with SSI
  16. I have my motorcycle endorsement
  17. We got married underwater in the Keys and spent our honeymoon scuba diving in Bonaire
  18. I have created and developed 14 online courses for K-12 students in my school district
  19. I LOVE road trips. We recently went on a road trip for 12 days and covered 15 states…with 4 kids
  20. I’m not very materialistic and that makes shopping for me difficult sometimes. I prefer to make memories and go on vacations over buying the newest car
  21. I have learned how to be a good arguer and to fight fair. It might be the greatest skillset I’ve brought into my second marriage
  22. I am a crier at all things sentimental, patriotic, and stressful
  23. I get extremely annoyed when people talk during the National Anthem and/or don’t take their hat off/put their hand over their heart…like SHUT UP and show some respect people
  24. I HATE bugs…of all kinds
  25. I would much rather be cold than hot, which is one reason I love vacations because I can crank down the A/C without paying that bill
  26. My favorite body part on my husband is his arms…*swoon*
  27. I hate beer but love liquor
  28. The older I get, the sassier I get. I shocked my husband recently when I told a girl she needed to remove her empty cart from the line at Wal-Mart so that I could check out. The girl had just walked away from it as it sat right in front of the line. Who does that?
  29. My favorite area is the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Wyoming
  30.  I have one tattoo on my right hip (althought I have kicked around getting another one for a few years now) Blowers Tattoo on Right Hip
  31. I drive with a lead foot and aggressive tendencies
  32. I’m incredibly introverted in a foreign situation until I can figure out the people I am with, and then my extroverted side shows up to play
  33. In high school and college, I was a huge overachiever active in everything I could get my hands on: softball, volleyball, track (I ran the mile and 800 meters and did the long jump), FHA, band (I play the flute, piccolo, and oboe), cheerleading, dance team, scholastic bowl team, criminal justice club, psychology club, theater/drama club, office aide, SADD, and library help
  34. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree a year early, with honors and Cum Laude in Psychology/Criminal Justice; I have a master’s degree in Teacher Leadership:Instruction; I have an Educational Doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership: Instruction
  35. I absolutely hate my smile and having my picture taken isn’t my favorite thing in the world…at least not a close up
  36. I want so much to leave a legacy for my kids to look up to, and I question how good of a mom I have been/am sometimes
  37. My first car was an 87 Plymouth Duster that was battleship grey and lovingly referred to as “the Rat”
  38. I am constantly setting new goals or starting new projects for myself. I live in a state of constant activity, and I usually thrive on it (example, I just finished my doctorate degree in February and pretty much immediately started trying to serve in our Armed Forces)
  39. I am fiercely loyal and I will always protect whom and what I love

I will be holding on to this year with both hands. I do not intend to be wishing away my days because the big 4-0 is coming straight at me faster than I ever wanted it to.


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