Black Thumb

I am not a grower of plants. I am a killer of plants. I have typically killed every green plant I have ever tried to grow. It doesn’t matter if they are potted, in the ground, or on steroids, I can kill it. I am SUPER good at pulling weeds, clearing out brush, cutting down trees, and removing plants. Not a problem. But grow them I cannot.

Well we bought a house. In a cute suburb. With a yard guy for a neighbor. And surrounded by beautiful landscaping. Ugh! My yard has been the ugly yard. The idiots that owned the home before us planted 3-4 ridiculously ugly palm tree like bushes and a stupid pine tree (like the kind of pine that termites LOVE). The first thing I did when we moved in was remove the half dead palm-like bush/tree in the middle of front yard. No problem. Then we moved a gorgeous tree from the front corner of the garage that touched the house to a portion of the side yard. It took us all day, a truck, and 6 people, but we did it. Then I ripped out a couple of palm bush things from in front of the house, weeded the crap out of that area, and tore out dead plants. I also added some landscaping rock. A couple of months later, I moved about a hundred pavers from the back yard (that the previous owner had moved from the sides of the house to the back for a “pool area”) back to the sides of the house where they were supposed to be. Then recently we got the fence put in. Great. I haven’t had to grow anything…until now.

You see, my husband has the week off. He gets a TON of projects done during his vacation time, and this year is proving to be no different. He has cut down and removed the aforementioned crappy pine tree and a palm like bush from the back yard. Yesterday, he decided he would also remove a little bush from the back yard and move it to the front. When I got home from work, I got that bush planted in the front. Then we decided to just finish the front area like we’ve talked about. That meant pulling out all of the alive and well plants from the planting bed, moving some of it forward, finding 3 pretty flowering plants to put there as well as a new bush, and removing another palm like bush things. I managed to get the plants moved, the new flowers planted, and even helped with the final part of removing the palm like bush. I figured, worst case, it would all be dead this morning. But it wasn’t! I somehow managed to have living plants this morning.

Now I’m not holding my breath yet or anything, but hey, 12 hours is already an accomplishment. Maybe my black thumb is more of a brown thumb. LOL!

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