It has been a whirlwind of a week, but what a week indeed. Last week, my recruiter told me I would be going to MEPS on Monday for my full physical for the Navy Reserves. Awesome. On Wednesday, while at a conference for work (technically I was on my lunch break), he calls and tells me I’m not cleared to go to MEPS because my medical records indicated a history of endometriosis.

**Side Story***

I had a partial hysterectomy in 2012 due to breakthrough bleeding and AFTER the surgery found out I had endometriosis. In fact, my youngest son shouldn’t have been able to be conceived at all. Weird right.

Anyway…he told me I would need to get the notes from my most recent gynecology visit and something that indicates all symptoms that caused the surgery have been resolved by the surgery and no issues still exist. Ok then. I call my doctor office and the records clerk (who’s son joined the Navy 3 years ago) did a FABULOUS job and pulled the doctor notes from all 3 visits I’ve had since the surgery. She then transferred me to my doctor’s nurse, and the nurse was able to get a handwritten note from my doctor saying everything is good. SO…I leave my conference early (Thank you to my amazing boss!), and race to the office to pick up the information. I race back home to scan it and email it, except…the office forgot to give me the handwritten note. So I race back to the office and then say “screw it” and head to work to use our scanner there because it’s faster and can send all 14 pages in one document. YAY! I get it all to him by 4:15pm. Still holding out hope for a Monday MEPS appointment. No dice.

The next morning, we head to the port for our cruise. I am sitting there waiting to board the ship when my recruiter calls and says he has good news that I’ve been cleared to go to MEPS and would Wednesday work. Hell yes it works! Plus it gave me a couple of days after the cruise to lose any weight I might gain from the amazing food I was about to eat. Win win. We got on the ship by 11:00 and by 2:00 we were taking a nap in our stateroom.

The cruise was good. It was a smaller ship (which I won’t do that again), but since it was just my husband and I, we were still able to have a good time. We barely got off the ship when we docked in Nassau, but we’ve been there a lot so we didn’t need to. Instead, we got a couple’s massage and played trivia games (Thanks to my singing the “Meow Mix” commercial song, I won a medal!). We got back in port Sunday morning, we were off the ship by 7:30AM, and we were home by 8:30AM. It was pretty fabulous. Even better…I LOST weight on this cruise!!! Now let me tell you, I ate. I had double desserts and double entrees and ice cream and french fries. I ate. And I walked. A lot. BUT I didn’t go to they gym. I walked through it once, but that was it. Anywho…

I did go to MEPS yesterday. I arrived at 5:45AM and finished up at 1:00PM. I thought the day went really fast actually. There were 85 recruits total including those that were shipping out. We had 9-10 females. Super cool being in a smaller group. There were only 2 officer recruits, myself and a girl joining the Army as a Vet Tech. I had everything done except the duck walk stuff before I had lunch. I knew that as you failed a portion of the testing, they were sending people home. I also knew I hadn’t been sent home, so I was good so far. I was worried about the duck walk because my knees crack loud. Plus every other girl was 17-19 years old (except the vet tech girl), so there was that. Oh… I weighed in at 148 pounds!!! I was under the limit by 4 pounds since she measured me at 5’3″. Success! After lunch, we did the duck walk part…which went just fine since we did it all together…and then I met with the doctor. She told me that someone had written it up incorrectly in my file that my endometriosis was untreated and that’s why I got flagged. She looked up the correct code and said that means not only am I medically cleared but also, I do not need a waiver!! AWESOME!! My recruiter said we just have to wait for my blood tests to come back and then the Navy will medically clear me. He also said it is HIGHLY unusual to get MEPS clearance but not Navy clearance. Another step completed.

Next up: My interviews with current officers next weekend. And then I wait. Until January when the selection board convenes. It’s gonna be a long wait. Good thing I have that 5K to handle in October and the holidays to keep me distracted!

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