New French Doors

It is finished…sort of. Another home improvement project=another issue. At least this one is relatively minor. I think.

This is what our dining room exit/sliding glass doors looked like before:

image2 image3

From the inside                                From the outside

We’ve been waiting about 5 weeks since we paid half for our new french doors to be installed. I knew it was supposed to rain yesterday, and I was just hoping they would beat the rain. The good news is they did beat the rain, the installation went quickly, and they look amazing. The bad news is they brought us the wrong doors. To be more specific, we ordered a low-e glass with tinting, and these are just regular doors. So now the company is going to come back Wednesday or Thursday this week to replace the glass with what we ordered. It figures. We have yet to do a project on this house that hasn’t run into a contractor or materials issue. Geesh! At least this company was quick to acknowledge the issue and even quicker at fixing it. And my doors have a lifetime warranty, so they will come out and replace or fix anything that goes wrong with them. Here is the after:


From the inside                             From the outside

My favorite part so far is the built-in blinds. We’re still trying to decide if we want to put our heavy curtains back up or not. I love the way these doors make the room feel so much brighter and bigger. I HATED the vertical blinds we had, and I wasn’t the least bit sad to see them to the curb. We have heavy curtains to keep the incredible heat out and help our poor A/C, but I don’t think we’re going to need them now. That means I should be able to hang them over the other two windows in the dining room and kitchen. Woohoo for repurposing!

Of course, my youngest decided to celebrate after promising, “I won’t play in the water I promise”. Yeah I don’t think that even lasted a minute, but other than needing a bath when he came in, I just couldn’t spoil his fun.


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