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Daisy 2 Daisy

Today we welcomed a new member to our household. My husband took our youngest and my stepson to the humane society and found DayZ (yeah that’s either going to change or at least be spelled normally). By the time I get home, she will be there. She is 8 weeks old, weighs 4 pounds, and is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Coonhound mix. She’s expected to be around 25-30 pounds.

So…we have a puppy. Yep a puppy. Now I just need to say that it’s not that I hate dogs. I think she’s cute. My youngest is clearly excited about her. My husband is clearly excited about her. I am…hesitant. Understand that I have never really had a dog. We had a few dogs growing up, but they all lived outside and no one really did much with them. I’ve never trained a dog to do anything…ever. I’ve never given a dog a bath or taken one for a walk. Our dogs would either be given away when we moved or they died (probably from heat stroke and being basically abandoned). The last dog we had I think I was like 10 years old. So no experience with dogs of my own. My experience is limited to other people’s dogs in homes I’ve visited.

I definitely am hoping this is a good experience. I do not want my house to smell like dog. I don’t want a dog that’s going to constantly jump up on me or scratch the crap out of me. I don’t want a dog that’s going to whine or bark all day long or keep me from sleeping either. That’s a lot of “don’t wants” huh.

I’m hoping my youngest gets a good companion that he can grow up with. I hope he learns responsibility, and others tell me a pet is a great way to teach responsibility. I hope my husband is the great dog trainer/teacher that he says he is (right dear?!).

So…welcome home to our new puppy.

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