So what’s the plan now?

I have been trying to write this post since Monday, and I’m still not sure this is going to come out right so bear with me. This past weekend was a really great weekend. My husband was off and we didn’t really have a ton of stuff to do. We bought a gazebo for the back patio and got it put up in about 3 – 4 hours. Not bad considering it was like 100 degrees and full sun trying to get it done. I’m pretty sure I went through 3 bottles of water in that little stretch of time too. The good news is we have some shade and even mosquito netting we can zip closed. My husband even thought of anchoring it down with concrete screws, and it’s a good thing he did because a storm swept through about 3 hours after we finished, and other than the tie backs blowing off (but found), everything was good. Way to go baby!

Friday night we had dinner with my oldest son and my parents. This kiddo was headed off to Army basic training on Monday, so we wanted to be able to get with him and my parents before he left. He lives full time with his dad (same town, different house), so I don’t get to see him as much as I’d like. The meal was good, the company was better, and even though the girls lost at canasta, it was still really fun. Saturday we really didn’t do a whole lot, but we almost ended up with a kitten from a pet store. Instead, I managed to talk my youngest down and get him in the car. He instantly got distracted with gummy bears and all was well again. My husband and I did talk quite a bit about a puppy, so we’ll see what happens with that. We are just such busy people, and I’m not sure how a puppy is going to get properly taken care of. It also just so happens that I’ve never been a pet person. Like never. We moved a TON growing up between the Army and my parents moving for work after the Army, and it always seemed like my dogs and cats were being given away, left outside to fend for themselves, or well…died…a lot. I guess I just never attached to a pet, so I don’t know. Anyway…

Sunday, we went to church and then picked up my oldest son to head up to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station). We got him checked in and they we took him out for dinner. He chose Olive Garden, so I of course cheated hard core on my diet. I got fettucini alfredo with a Coke zero. That’s balanced right?! HA! After dropping him off back at the hotel and saying our “good luck”s and “good bye”s, I did manage to squeeze in a short run that night. Monday, I had to go in to work *cue the Boooooooooo’s*. Everything was great until about 10AM. My ex texts me that my oldest is being sent home and has been disqualified from shipping out. What the what?!!!

To make a long story somewhat short: A few months ago on a drill weekend (he is in the Army National Guard), he was having trouble breathing and had a rash. His recruiter told him to go to urgent care and get it documented so that he could miss drill without penalty. So he did. At MEPS on Monday they asked him the standard question: Have you had a reason to see a doctor since you enlisted. So he told them just that one visit that my recruiter got the paperwork on (urgent care gave him an antibiotic for his enflamed through and another medicine to help with the rash—which they said was a heat rash). They asked him why he went to urgent care, and he told them it was for a rash. So they sent him back to medical, doctors looked at him, and they DQ’d him because they had no paperwork saying this rash wasn’t contagious or a condition. Great! I figure if we get the urgent care paperwork up to them, he’s all good to go. His step mom goes to urgent care to get it…no dice. He didn’t fill out the HIPPA portion, so they can’t release the records. Damn. He gets sent home and told he needs to get cleared in order to ship. Ok fine. I tell him to call my dermatologist because they would be able to see him today (and some of them are former military so they know the score). This is like noon at this point. Nope he doesn’t call them. What does he do instead you ask?

Well…he says that while he was waiting to find out what they were going to do with him, he prayed (that’s good!), and now he doesn’t believe the military is what God has planned for his life. I’m sorry come again? Yep, God told him that this isn’t the plan. OH!!!! So you tanked your GPA because the Army was going to be your college money. You never got a job because the Army was going to take you for 5 months so why bother. You don’t have any money saved from your 9 months of drilling because you were going to be set with basic and AIT. You don’t have an apartment to share with your buddy because said buddy has changed his mind. AND you have no idea what you want to do with your life because you were dead set the Army was going to be deploying your unit shortly after getting done with training. Yet NOW….NOW you say God is telling you this isn’t the plan all because your recruiter didn’t turn in the proper paperwork so you’re going to have to do some extra legwork to get in. Yeah….no. Not believing it.

It has taken everything I have to get him to see that he doesn’t even have all of the information to make that conclusion. He hasn’t seen the dermatologist yet (appointment is in 1 hour). His recruiter hasn’t called MEPS yet to see what specifically needs to be done. He hasn’t even asked his recruiter what he needs to do next (because, you know, God told him this isn’t the plan). UGH!!!!! I really just want to slap him.

Yesterday I was literally praying out loud all day that God will make this path absolutely clear to him today. Either he is supposed to fulfill this obligation (which would be the first thing he has finished his ENTIRE life!!!) which means the dermatologist will tell him he is absolutely fine and good to go, MEPS will say just send us the paperwork and he will be cleared, and his recruiter will call with that good news and have a new ship date that is SOON. OR…this isn’t his path and the dermatologist will tell him he does have a disqualifying skin issue, MEPS will permanently disqualify him from serving due to this skin issue, and his recruiter will have his discharge papers drawn up. I really pray it is just that clear. Not a mixed message and certainly not anything wishy washy. Crystal. Clear.

Hopefully my update on this situation comes soon guys. This is exhausting.


UPDATE: The dermatologist told him he has Tinea Versicolor. This is a common fungal infection that occurs in hot climates when people with oily skin sweat a lot usually. It’s really common in the military (go figure), and it is not a disqualifier. He is on medication for 3 weeks. Now, he says he is going to send that information to his recruiter and see what happens. BUT he also says, “It is my decision”. Yep…and if he just quits on it…he’s going to regret it. Especially when he finds other doors closed that he thought were going to be oh so easy. Man it’s hard watching your kids make decisions that you know will hurt them. Especially when they are 18 and know everything.

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