Almost there now!

6 days later and I’m getting so close to my goal!

Yesterday it rained pretty much from noon on through the rest of the night. If it were just rain, I would have gone out in it anyway, but with the thunder and lightning going off and on, I decided not to risk it. Instead, I use my new 3 pound weights and my husband’s 5 pound weights to do some circuit training with weights. It was ok. I mean I’m glad I’m able to do a lot of it with weights now when just 2 months ago I was dying without weights. But…I really like getting out and going for a long walk/run.

Anyway, I’ve stuck to my healthy diet. Even when it sucks. Even when what I really want is a chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard..Large…and stuffed crust meat lover’s pizza…and Pepsi…and a cheeseburger. Ok ok enough torture lol. My husband did bring me home a nice salad the night before. Such a good man I have!!! Before I added the salad dressing, I wanted to look up the calories (just in case). Good thing I did too because that itty bitty container of buttermilk ranch dressing was 210 calories!

Needless to say my Kraft fat free zesty italian looked pretty darn delicious after that. 🙂 When my husband got home at 5:00 this morning, I got out of bed and checked out the scale… 155.8; HOWEVER, after going back to sleep and waking up an hour and a half later, I weighed in at 154.7. YES!!!!!

Ok so 4.7 pounds to go. I also received a little form letter from my recruiter. That was nice just to know he’s not forgotten about me. And it feels like the Air Force is getting closer to a reality.

In other news, my oldest graduated from high school over the weekend, my 5th grader “graduated” to middle school yesterday, and my daughter turns 15 and is getting her driver’s permit today. Whew! Yes, life really does move fast when I look at how quickly my children are growing up. It also moves fast when you’re trying to beat a deadline. In fact, the only time it doesn’t move fast is whenever you are waiting for something or someone. That’s when time drags by so slowly every tick of the clock seems to take a superhuman effort. Isn’t it weird how perspective can change something as unchangeable as the passing of time?

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