New Personal Record

Well the weekend was a bust in terms of working out/exercising. I also cheated hardcore on my diet. We had my graduation party Saturday, and I enjoyed every kind of dish people brought including the red velvet cake. YUM! I also had a few Fireball shots and drank up my Smirnoff Green Apple like a boss.

Sunday I woke up praying I would feel ok…and I did! Of course, I had a ton of leftovers that still looked amazing so I had more great food…and another piece of cake.

I didn’t run, walk, lift weights, or do any circuit training. I knew yesterday was going to be painful. As I put on my running shoes, I just kept thinking I was going to push through whatever pain I had because I deserved it. I started with my pushups and got 16 done in a minute. And it hurt. Ugh! I moved on to situps and got 36 done in a minute. Not awful, but I’ve done better. Then came my mile and half run. I changed Pandora over to Brittany Spears, said a short prayer to not die, and took off. At the half way point, I was feeling it for sure. I just kept thinking I needed to go faster. I didn’t want to go that far backwards after working so hard to reach my goal. When I hit 1 mile and my app said “9 minutes…”, I let out a little victory cry (little because I was huffing). I didn’t even hear the seconds part. I just kept pumping my arms and going. With about a quarter mile left, my husband called. I managed to answer and only lost a couple of steps. He graciously hung up quick and I sprinted out the end. And then I looked at my finish time…

15 minutes 31 seconds!!!!!!

Holy CRAP! That’s almost a full minute faster than my most recent best time. SAWEET!! I was so excited. I switched my Pandora over to Vertical Church Band and praised God for such an awesome run. My cool down was a bit longer than I usually do, but I was worshipping!

I think I might have runner’s brain now. You’ve probably heard of runner’s cough, runner’s stitch, and runner’s high. I have runner’s brain. That’s the only reason I can think of that would make me excited about getting up this morning at 5 AM and run another 1.5 miles…for fun. My time was slower (15:51), but was STILL faster than my previous personal record.

Now if this will get that scale moving down into the 150’s, I will be stoked! I’m giving myself until August 1st to hit the 150 pound mark. If I don’t make it by then, my dream of the Air Force will be put on a shelf. I will probably still run now that I’ve worked so hard to get back in it, but it’ll be different. We’ll cross that bridge if I have to (hope I don’t). In the meantime, I’m loving my progress and enjoying watching time melt off.

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