Feeling stronger

Last night as I ran my 1.5 miles, I realized that I wasn’t dying as I crossed the “finish line”, and I even started my sprint a little sooner than I did before. This tells me I am getting stronger. It also tells me I can go faster than I have been and still be ok. Even better is that before I ran I did 16 pushups (STILL a killer for me) in a minute and with about a 30 second break did 40 situps in a minute. About 3 minutes later I was out the door and started my run. My time last night was 16:34. That’s a passing score for all 3 parts by the way.

As for my weight loss goals, this morning I was at 160.4 which means I have 10 pounds to go. *sigh* I’m getting frustrated only because it isn’t going as quickly as I’d like. I mean I know I’ve lost something like 8-9 pounds in around a month and that’s great, but it’s still hard. I’ve been at 160-161 for the past 4 days with no change. I’m being so good with my diet too: water only, fruit for breakfast (usually grapefruit, green seedless grapes, and maybe a banana on rare occasion), lunch is usually light (hard boiled egg or two, salad sometimes, peanuts), and then dinner just depends but I try to limit my carbs and go with lighter proteins. I have successfully cut soda and caffeine with very rare exception, and my portion size is way down.

I typically run 1.5 miles, walk 4.5 miles, or do circuit training 6 days a week. I’ve switched up the circuit training frequently just to keep from getting bored. I’m getting closer and stronger, and I know that’s what matters the most. Oh, and I found out today that my LASIK isn’t going to be an issue at all. I will have to get the documentation together when I get to the weight requirement (150), but that was good news.

Tomorrow we are having my graduation party, and I’m sure to imbibe in quite a few empty liquid calories…and I will love every minute of it.

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