One Goal DONE

Yesterday I posted my recent run times and that I still needed to cut another 35 seconds from my time to make the minimum requirement for the Air Force. Last night, I ran without my youngest in the stroller. It was beautiful weather.

I ran the entire 1.5 miles without stopping. My first mile was 10:23. That’s faster than I’ve done in a very long time. I knew when my app gave me my time for the first mile that I just needed to keep jogging, even at a slower pace, and I was pretty sure I could make my goal time. The last half mile I refused to look at my time while I ran. I knew exactly where I needed to stop, and I made sure I gave it all I had left as I rounded the last corner. I should mention that I run my route on the road in my neighborhood and not on a track. Anyway, I crossed the “finish line”, and saw this:

run time


Look closely where it says “Duration”. Do you see it?


I cut over a minute off of my time AND beat my cut-off time by 37 seconds!

One goal down. Still working on the weight loss. *sigh*

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