Goals Update

Now that my graduation is over and we are all back to a normal routine after our vacation, it’s time to get back to work on my goals of weight loss and physical fitness.


I discovered I gained 2 pounds while on vacation. I actually thought it would be much worse than that since we basically spent 9 days sitting in a car and eating out for the most part, so I’m ok with that really small setback. We got home early Friday morning, and I didn’t go for a run until Saturday night. It took me 17:49 to run 1.5 miles. Sunday night I did my run pushing my 3 year-old in a jogging stroller. He decided he wanted to “run” with me for a bit, and it ended up taking me 20:18 to go 1.6 miles. Meh, whatever. Monday night I was so tired just from getting up early to go to work and getting back into the routine of running my stepson to his Police Explorers meeting and picking him and trying to catch up at work that I didn’t do anything. Last night, I went for my run, again pushing my little guy in the stroller while answering all of his questions, and I completed 1.5 miles in 17:26. MUCH better! I need to cut another 35 seconds off to meet the minimum requirement of 16:51, but I’m seeing progress.

As of this morning, I am back down to 163 (about 0.8 from where I was before I left for vacation). I probably would be back to pre-vacation weight if I hadn’t had pizza and wings over the weekend (ok and leftover pizza last night), but…man it tasted SO good!

Overall, the vacation didn’t set me back as much as I thought it would, and my endurance and speed are¬†definitely getting better. I will always wish weightloss happened faster. It sucks trying lose weight always, and I’m finding it to be much more difficult at my age than it was just 10 years ago…ok even 6 years ago. I know it will be worth it in the end, and I’m already getting compliments from people at work noticing my weightloss and toning. YAY! The journey sucks, but the finish line will be great!


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