A new adventure?

Ok so a few days ago I posted about this crazy idea of me enlisting. At least, I thought it was crazy. Maybe it is, but it’s not turning out to be as crazy as I first thought.

First things first, I did a basic Google search and discovered I’m actually still eligible to serve in the Air National Guard. Like no waiver needed for my age or anything. Ok well that didn’t slam the door shut. I’ve looked at Army National Guard, but the “rules” state I have to be 35 or under (and I’m just a smidge older than that). Not shutting that door, but it’s gonna depend on the recruiter/waiver/etc. Next step was looking at the ASVAB. I’ve never taken it. I found a practice test that was 225 questions long, and I did really well on the areas I thought I would (Paragraph comprehension and Word recognition) and struggled where I thought I would (Auto and Shop Information). I did surprisingly well on the Math and Science and held my own on the Mechanical Comprehension. What did this tell me? That I can still test pretty well. LOL! Ok so that part won’t slam the door shut either. What kind of job would I do? Well, I’m open to an extent, but I don’t want to spend months away from home for training, and not for nothing, but I’d like to keep my deployability at a reasonable level. In other words, I’m not afraid of deploying, but I’m not waving a flag and jumping up and down to do it either.

Speaking of training, the Basic Military Training for the Air Force is 8.5 weeks. It’s 10 weeks of BCT for the Army. Ok not a huge difference. If I took an Administration/Human Resources/Personnel type job, the training is 26 or so days for the Air Force and about 4-6 weeks for the Army. Also, pretty similar. Alright so that’s a step in the open door. Now let’s talk about my height/weight/physical fitness. I’m definitely not in the best shape of my life, but I’m not a couch potato lazy bum out of breath when I walk to the mailbox person either. I can still bust out 10 pushups in about 30 seconds. I can do 50 situps in 2 minutes (more if I work on them-I got up to 100 in 2 minutes at my peak a few months ago). I haven’t done any long distance running in about 7 months. I used to be a HUGE runner. A few months ago I was running about a 9:30-10:00 mile. So my physical fitness doesn’t slam the door. My weight/BMI is not ideal. I’m at a 36% BMI and I have to be at 34% or under. That equates to an inch on my waist and an inch on my hips. I’m pretty confident given about a month, I can accomplish that. Alright…door still open.

Is this God’s plan for me? This is a massive part of this decision. I absolutely do not want to do anything that is not God’s will for my life. I have to say I’m a pretty slow learner in this area, and I rarely listen to God’s whispers. Usually it takes more of a sledgehammer, neon sign, yelling to get my attention. I’ve been told, “You will know if it’s the right place/plan for you”. Will I? How will I know? I mean if this is like the “You will know if he’s right for you” kinda thing, I think it’s safe to say I failed at that the first time around hence the divorce. Now, I did absolutely know that my husband was the right man for me. I absolutely knew it within the first month of meeting him. I keep praying that I feel that sure of this decision. I’ve asked my praise team at church to keep me in prayer that I would be open to God’s will whatever that may be. This is my ultimate prayer.

I already have the support of my husband (I keep waiting for him to be like, “Are you crazy? This is so not ok.”). I’m still in awe of how much he is not only supporting me but listening to me talk this out in the crazy circular way that I always process things. My oldest child doesn’t think I’m nuts (in fact, he wants me to go Army NG so that he can reap some benefit himself LOL). I can’t tell anyone at work, and I don’t want to tell anyone else because I don’t want to be filled with people’s opinions. I want to know logistics from my recruiter and an answer from God. Is that too much to ask?

At this point, I’ve done all the research that I can. I’ve watched YouTube videos from girls that have gone through BMT. I’ve researched different jobs in both branches and know the training lengths on average. I know the openings in the local NG units. I’m supposed to be hearing from a recruiter within the next 48 hours. While I wait, I do my situps and pushups, bust out my lunges, donkey kicks, and planks, and really need to start running again. Regardless of whether or not I end up walking through this door, I need to get my body back in shape anyway. It’s a win-win situation. And I wait…

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