Spring Break!

Ah yes Spring Break. The time that all students look forward to partying it up, making memories (if they can remember any of it), and getting away from the stresses of school. The time when parents cross their fingers and hope their child makes wise decisions and then counts the days until it’s time to send them back to school. As a teacher, I generally looked at Spring Break as a chance to sleep in, be LAZY, go to the bathroom any time I wanted to, and catch up on ridiculously stupid television. Due to my promotion, this is to be my last official Spring Break off. From here on out, I’m a 12-month employee, and the only way I get this break off is to take vacation time.

The good news is during this break there is no cheerleading practice (woohoo!!), no Police Explorers meetings, and it’s not super cool nor super hot. The bad news is this is my husband’s long week, it’s going to rain most of our days off, I have to take my stepson to the airport tonight, and my two youngest boys have an intense love/hate relationship when they are couped up in the house. Yay for me…not!

And what am I doing you ask? Well, I’m definitely sleeping in (10:00 this morning Yessssssss!), watching some pretty stupid tv, and yes, being very lazy. We had my oldest’s birthday party with family on Sunday. Yesterday was spent inside all day due to rain. Not much planned for today other than the 3 hour round trip airport excursion. When I get back, I am going to put the two youngest boys in separate bedrooms for the rest of the week (yay!). Tomorrow should be pretty decent weather, so we may end up going to the park and let Daddy sleep. Thursday my husband and I are hoping to meet up with our Blue Knights motorcycle group for breakfast and a ride, but the weather is definitely not looking so good right now. Friday looks to be another rainy day in. Now the weekend…well it’s looking sunny and COLD… at least sleeping in will be a lot easier. LOL!

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